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VSS / Limp Mode

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Hey Guys, I had a customer who had converted his NA BA RTV 4speed to a Turbo 4speed. Needless to say, the vehicle was in limp home mode (P flashing on the instrument cluster) no speedometer operation and stuck in 3rd gear. Codes logged included P0500 and U1900.

Here is what I did to resolve this concern.

First you will need to find AUF0389 and set this value to Disable.Capture.thumb.PNG.f642f93e60f624a8697ecc7557ce10fe.PNG

Then find AUF0392 and change the value to whatever is applicable e.g. ABS Via CAN, Hall effect etc depending on the vehicle application.


Once these two parameters are flashed, this will allow the vehicle to drive as normal.

Hope this helps.

Many thanks to the PCMtech Team and the Individual who helped me sort this customers car.

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This helped me out with my conversion, hall effect sensor on the back wheel using the studs. Chose hall effect sensor but still wouldn't work, found this thread and applied this setting. Boom worked straight away, thank you so much good sir.

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