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PCMTEC Editor Version 1.22 Release Notes


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Version 1.22 is now out of beta and has been released. 

Download here for registered users. https://www.pcmtec.com/downloads

Version 1.22 brings the following new features.

Custom Operating System

Chime fix. The custom operating system no longer shows the "low oil pressure" and "charge fault" warnings during the dash sweep. To enable this new function please open your existing file, open the custom operating system, press next all the way to the end re-creating the file (this updates the firmware) and the new file will automatically have this update applied.


The datalogging package has had a huge number of improvements and bug fixes over the past few months. If you used the earlier beta please download this update. Some of these features include the following:

  • ZF Datalogging (templates are in alpha status with almost 4k parameters available to log)
  • Configurable units
  • Configurable scales
  • Exportable layout files
  • Auto range improvements
  • Auto connection of vehicle and auto re-connect on key cycle/flashing etc.
  • Poll rate of single rate DMRs massively improved (poll rate can be see via right clicking, column chooser, selecting rate)
  • Fixes for auto range, zooming, changing units, auto connect, enumerated display
  • Unlimited number of channels can be logged (update rate slows the more you add)
  • DLP 8 Channel Analog Digital (DLP-IO8-G) added with voltage lookup table and configurable units
  • Ability to sort scalar list entries, adjust number of decimals
  • Right click assign chart positions for each channel
  • Added playback mode
  • Ability to press/hold cursor keys or mouse to move through log when paused or on playback modes
  • Fix for logs over 1 hour long
  • Ability to auto pause logging, and resume between doing PCM flashes automatically allowing seamless logging, flashing, logging, etc
  • A huge number of bug fixes and performance related improvements.

The datalogging package is still under going many new features with Mustang datalogging coming soon, histograms, map tracing, gauges, alarms and warning banners.

There are many new shortcut keys documented here:

Editor Changes

The editor has had a round of performance and memory usage updates. This will improve the performance on older laptops, especially with the Custom OS Wizard.

Colour Changes

Scalars/Tables that are different to stock are now shown with a red icon in the navigator, this makes it easy to quickly identify which parts of the tune have been modified.


Delta Colour Mode

A new delta colour mode has been added. This mode shows stock values in green, values that are less than stock in blue and values that are larger than stock in red. The colour range changes depending on how far away from stock the value is.


The original colour mode can be switched back on via right clicking and unchecking "Use Delta Colour Style"


The Delta colour style can also be modified here if needed.


User Information

User information is now stored inside TEC files. Detailed information allows full rich text editing including photos, images etc. In this example we have stored a dyno print out in the TEC file.



Coming in future versions:

Datalogger Updates

  • Histograms
  • Scatter plots
  • Map Tracing
  • Gauges
  • Alarms and Alarm Banners

Mustang Support.

We currently have alpha support for 2015-2020 5.0 Mustangs with full read/write support including partial write on the 2018+ models. For example we have almost 32,000 scalars and tables mapped in the 2018 10 speed auto 5.0 which we will be automating to map to a similar level across all strategies. This will allow for OEM level tuning access to this platform.

Templates are still in alpha status and we are making progress weekly on these. We will be contacting workshops once these are in beta status and ready for use. The alpha support for this is available in 1.22 for those with the Workshop package who wish to view their existing tunes.

We also have a new employee who is working on a custom operating system for the Mustang platform. This will ultimately bring similar features as the Falcon to the Mustang platform. Including live multi tune selection (MFT), proper flex fuel support (eg ethanol sensor) and many other features. We are hoping to have this available in some form by early 2021.

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