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PATS Disable and using BEM in conversion

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Hi guys

Roland suggested I put this up here as someone may have done this before.  I am installing a FG Barra Turbo and ZF 6 speed in my F100 project but I will also be utilising the body harness, BEM and column so I have full control of all regular body functions like wipers, lights etc from the steering column including utilising the factory key to remotely unlock and lock doors.  Has anyone here done this as yet and if so what hurdles have they come across in achieving a functional result. I understand that the only way for it work is with a PATS disable as the ICC, cluster and HIM will not be there.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. 

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I have been doing a conversion with a Mk1 FG to Fgx interior wiring harness and can say with pats disabled all other modules still work and function independently but you need the cluster for the indicators if they are connected through the bem if you are using the falcon stalks

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