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Hi guys, hoping you can help me out here.

Its one of those problems that's hard to nail down, as I only get a short time to try stuff and it doesn't always happen.

When I try to restart my  ba xr8 after driving it for a while all it does is wind over and won't fire. The only way I can then get it to start is to force start it on lpg.

This only happens if I try to restart it within about 10 mins of turning it off, but it will restart fine if its only a short trip.

At first I was suspecting my aftermarket fpr may of being getting heat soak and affecting fuel pressure but I checked that today and fuel pressure is fine.

I was then starting to suspect heat soak in my billet fuel rails causing it to vaporize and they were pretty hot to the touch, so I tried cycling the fuel pump to cool them to

see if that would resolve the issue but no such luck. The reason I believe its fuel related is that it will start on lpg after a few winds. The next thing I'm thinking could

be an issue is vapour lock at the injectors but I'm not sure how to check that. Fuel trims all look good, within 3%, so any ideas would be a great help.

Thanks Scotty

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Figure out exactly what coolant temp it is at when you do a hot start. Then massively enrichen that part of the cranking lambda table. If it still doesn't start then you have a mechanical fueling related issue.

The PCM already takes into account a heat soaked fuel rail and compensates for it on startup.

You could also try pulling your fuel rail out and checking it is spraying when hot.

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