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  1. This guide requires the Professional version or higher as it requires editing the VID block. To run the BA/BF PCM standalone there are two items that must be set up. Firstly the PATS security system must be disabled. First locate auF16527 (PATS Alternate Switch) and auF16595 (PATS Switch). From the factory you will have: auF16527: 0 auF16595: 1 Flip both values. So now you will have: auF16527: 1 auF16595: 0 Now that the PATS security system is disabled the BCM/ICC will no longer function, you should only do this if you are not utilising the dash cluster in your new vehicle. The next step is to change the speed source. From the factory the VSS (Vehicle Speed Source) would most likely have been set to use the speed from the ABS module or the TCM sent via CANBUS. We will now change this to use the output shaft speed (OSS) sensor. You'll obviously need to wire an actual speed sensor as well up to pin b7. Most people mount this on the rear of the manual gearboxes. Now change VSS_Source to Transmission Output Shaft Sensor. Whilst you are in the VID block editor it is recommended to adjust the final drive ratio and other gear ratios that may have changed. This file will now allow the PCM to run standalone with no other modules. Note that this guide only works for BA/BF and earlier PCMs. The FGs have a different CAN setup and the vehicle speed source setting is ignored, hence without an ABS module the vehicle will not run correctly. Edit: This guide may not work for early model BA Falcons (eg 2004 and earlier) that run the 5.4L. A workaround for these models is to use a later model strategy from a manual 5.4L Edit2: If you have a FG afaik the speed input will not work. You must run the PCM with no speed reference and tune out the various fmem torque limiting that occurs and speed related tables.
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