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  1. HACD9C4.....from my vehicle FG 2008 G6 E-Gas
  2. Hopefully when the scanner is released it will log which map is being used this will solve the problem.
  3. Provided your transmission settings are standard copy the torque converter settings (yes torque converter settings) from a standard sprint tune and try that, it helped mine.
  4. Thanks for the prompt response, It is a ZF 6spd XR6T series 1 2008. Does this mean the alternate calibration can be loaded and upgraded to a custom operating system with boost by gears and dual maps with the latest software version?
  5. With your 0.75 major update does this allow a custom operating system upgrade for an FG falcon series 1 to accommodate boost by gear or does boost by gear on the series 1 still have to be done manually ?
  6. RE: " change the OSID from PCMxx back to HA*** and the strategy from PCMxxyy back to HA***yy " I have unsuccessfully tried to do this, what specific steps in your software need to be applied to make the changes indicated. Thanks
  7. That's interesting! If I understand correctly maintain the current custom tune and change the operating system to enable flex fuel logging? What is the procedure to do this?
  8. I now have PCMtec flex fuel software tune up and running a credit to PCMtec custom operating system. The only problem now is the VCM Suite logging software does not log load or knock so I cannot continue with tuning. Is there any indication when PCMtec logging software will become available?
  9. Thanks, that is exactly what I am after. I thought i opened them all to check I guess I missed that one.
  10. Can anyone advise where I can find the map/table to control ZF shift patterns in relation to pedal position?
  11. Yes I have read it, I do not have the custom operating system yet ( currently using the Sprint tune) waiting for Darryl to come back off hollidays and update manually. With the flex fuel hardware installed and connected (running a gauge % on 98) the engine light has come on and i want to turn it off, VCM Suite can do it but this tune is not licensed with VCM suite. Note I am using the Professional version not the Workshop version. While the professional version accommodates the flex custom operating system I assume once I license this I will have access to the above parameters which the a
  12. Because of a flex fuel upgrade I need to turn off P0141 (o2 heater circuit bank1 sensor 2}, unless I am looking in the wrong place the editor goes from P0135 to P0152 should I look elsewhere or is this not in the editor.?
  13. Yortt


    The customer paid $280 from Pro Speed Racing (NSW) at $280 you would assume it was not a clone however I will email tactrix with the serial number Thanks
  14. Does anyone know Is there anyway of identifying a clone from the original.
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