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Hi Brian,

StockFileDatabase.zip is long depreciated (as of 1.xx). We don't have that file any more, in addition its contents would be long out of date.

Apologies, It does occasionally get mentioned in old documentation or on the forum here.

Stock files are now sent as required from the server to the PCMTec Editor.

The current method (for Professional and Workshop) is to either:

1) use the Strategy Wizard to create a stock file from a catch code or strategy code in the Calibration Tools > Create Stock File menu and select "Create Stock File from Strategy or Catch Code"

2) or if you have a previously tuned file and want to create a stock version of it: Calibration Tools > Create Stock File menu and select "Create Stock File from Existing File"


Hope this helps!


EDIT: I see you are a Professional user, if you are looking for other strategies to either do a change or compare to your own we do have the Strategy Browser which is part of the Workshop level product. There are other lists of strategies here on the forum and other websites around, however these are not maintained by us.

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