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PCMTEC Editor - February 2022 Version 2.11 - Release Notes - Mustang Is Now Supported!


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Some of you may be aware that we published 2.10 a few months ago. But this time, it's OFFICIAL! PCMTEC is proud to introduce Version 2.11, which is now out of Beta and can be accessed via the Downloads website. This release contains new features (from 1.25), a maintenance release which now supports Mustang, and also includes a number of bug fixes and new datalogging improvements.  



  1. These are new features and bugfixes since 1.25.
  2. We have created a new sub-forum which contains all the new features that have been developed, which will be continuously updated, as we release more features in the future. 


  • Editor
  • Massive read/write time improvements by using Partial Write, Virtual Read and Calibration Only Read.
  • Auto serial merge if the PCM has been replaced. A popup will show when writing the old file into the new PCM.
  • TunerLock option has been moved to “Calibration Tools”.
  • Updated Calibration / Strategy List for Falcon and Mustang with new compare functionality - Workshop customer only.
  • Added more "Upload File" buttons under "Help" for support purposes.
  • Added "Create a Support Ticket" button under "Help".
  • Navigator parameters search logic improvement.
  • More units available for parameters.
  • "Always Show Changed Parameters" option available under "View" -> "View Level", which will display all different to stock parameters regardless of what view levels selected.
  • Button to hide the 2d line chart is now available on table views.
  • Updated icon colors to differentiate when a stock file is not available to determine if a parameter value is in stock
  • Datalogger
  • Table Tracing and Histogram are now available.
  • UI/UX improvements.
  • Datalogging poll rate improvement. Adjusting Priority (update rate - High/Low) of different channels.
  • Customize color of datalogger channels from the right-click menu option "Set Colours"
  • Channels search logic improvement.
  • "Group By Parent" option available on Live Logging Channels.
  • Updated datalogging default layouts


Bug Fixes:

  • Editor
  • Resolved BlackOak partial write failure which could occur when writing only a custom OS parameter change and no calibration values.
  • Improved compatibility for comparing files from previous versions.
  • Manual Merge Wizard user interface improvement.
  • General bugfixes.
  • Datalogger
  • Datalogging will auto reconnect after an ignition cycle
  • Datalogger scrolling improvements when using a laptop touchpad.
  • Memory usage improvements.
  • Default units fixed for logging channels.
  • TCM Layout can be loaded/appended using "Load/Append" buttons. 


Happy Tuning!

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