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PCMTEC Editor - October 2022 Version 2.11.8339 - Release Notes


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PCMTEC Editor 2.11.8339 is now available to download at https://www.pcmtec.com/downloads

This maintenance release fixes issues reported by customers, overall stability enhancements as well as new features and improvements listed in the release notes below.


Please note: In the near future Mustang support will be removed from the 2.x version and 2.x will become a Long Term Stable release for Australian Ford use only. All Mustang support (USVP1 etc.) will be in version 3.x



Release notes:



  • Updated UI libraries which were causing editor instability in recent Windows 11 releases
  • General performance improvements throughout the Editor
  • DLL loading fix to prevent crash on start-up
  • Fixed issues that would occasionally prevent compare / history view from loading
  • Stability improvements for running multiple instances of PCMTec at the same time
  • Updated the included editor and datalogger user guide [Help > * user guide]
  • [USVP1 Only] Updated the Tricore Calibration List table


  • Improvements with the handling of decimal places with very small numbers or parameters which have a specific requirement
  • Fixed axis names, descriptions and units on certain tables to improve clarity
  • Fixed an issue that was impacting updates to the Mustang MAF table on some strategies


  • Improved memory usage to prevent 'insufficient memory' popup while datalogging
  • Resolved rendering issue occurring for some laptop graphics cards
  • Add "Filter > x standard deviations" to datalogger map trace/histogram
  • Fixed issue where the logging layout was sometimes lost after reconnecting
  • New option to preview a layout file without updating the last-used layout that is loaded when connecting
  • ZF chart positions are restored when reconnecting to the TCM
  • Improved channel sort order
  • Auto disconnect TCM when PCM is disconnected
  • Fixed 'clear' button to close open log file when starting a new datalogging session
  • Resolved issue where some old teclog files could not be opened
  • Min/max ranges set in datalogger playback mode are now remembered and also loaded with the layout file
  • Improved compatibility for importing / exporting CSV files from other tuning software
  • Fixed issues saving log to csv for opening in other software like MLVHD


  • Added warning message when flashing the TCM might fail if not in the correct gear or the transmission temperature is high 
  • Added warning message when TCM Calibration Level is mismatched in the tune file to prevent transmission bricking


  • Improved mapping on supported Tricore strategies
  • Description, unit and categorisation updates for all strategies
  • Improved organisation/categorisation and naming of ZF6 shift tables



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