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NEW: PCMTec Support Portal


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Hey Guys,

We have just deployed our brand new support portal.

It links together several services that have previously been separated. This will improve support for everyone.




Available via support.pcmtec.com (and all associated links) :)


Change Log:

  • You can now login using your pcmtec.com login!
  • New searchable knowledge base, which combines our FAQ, User guides and forum articles (we are growing this slowly)
  • New ticket form for submitting tickets
  • New portal for viewing all your ticket history ever (we will be bringing over historical tickets in the future)

Please check it out feedback (and patience if there are any issues) is always appreciated.


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1 hour ago, Kirby@PCMTec said:

Hey guys.

We had one report of a login error with edge.

Anyone else experienced any issues or have feedback?


Hey Kirby, I responded to this on another post but I'll add the info here as well.

Unable to login to the new support portal using Edge web browser. White band appears at the top of the webpage with a X in the right corner but no info displayed.

When I clicked on "Login" in either the top right corner or in the lower section, it would show a white banner at the top with no information.
I've just done some testing & after clearing history, cache etc. I could go to the PCMTEC website, select Contact Us & login to support successfully.

Further testing, if I am first logged into the Forums & then try to login to the website & then into support, it would fail again. I decided to take a screen recording of the white banner that didn't provide any info & as I was moving my fingers across the mousepad, I must have activated the select all, on the page because it highlighted text on the page & also showed some useful text in the white banner at the top of the screen.....login didn't originate from whitelisted domain.


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