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Barra swapped patrol goes into limp mode

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Hi I've been having this problem with my NA Barra swapped patrol which is going into limp mode/rpm guard mode when I am in 4wd and in a low gear engine braking down a steep hill.

The issue I am having is when descending down a steep hill in 4wd low range gear 1,2 or 3 and 4wd high range in 1 or 2 the engine goes into limp mode and it cuts the cylinders down and I lose accelerator input.  It normally happens when I let the clutch out while rolling down the hill or when the engine rpm rises from the car speeding up while engine braking. I also have learnt that I can prevent it from happening by tapping the accelerator every few seconds but this makes me speed up and makes the whole point of engine braking pointless.

My question is how to disable this or even better tune it so the engine computer understands what's going on and preventing it from happening again?

Details about my patrol that may help:

2001 Nissan patrol 5 speed manual with a 2009 BF NA Barra out of a SY territory.  It has CANBarra to work with factory dash.

Below are the engine codes that I get


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