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Diagnostic & Firmware software for the FG Falcon


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For the past year or so I have been working on a software tool for the FG Falcon, which Ive named FoA Orion Comms. It has all your basic diagnostic functions like ECU reset and Module On Demand Self Test etc etc, as well as tools for the firmware of the Instrument Cluster - it has full read write access to the Instrument Cluster EEPROM via the OBD port. Here is a list of features of the software:

-J2534 & ELM327 interface compatible
-Plain text Read and Write VIN numbers for the Audio Control Module, Audio Interface Module, Bluetooth Phone Module, Body Electronic Module, Front Display Interface Module, Instrument Panel Cluster (Both IPC VINs)
-Read Module Diagnostic Fault Codes, with a look up dictionary of 15,000 fault codes
-Clear Module Diagnostic Fault Codes
-Online DTC look up tool
-Control DTC Logging for current diagnostic session
-OBD2 Service Selector and PID data grabber
-Workshop Manual browser, WSM pdfs come with application
-Fusebox Diagrams, Electrical pin outs
-Wheel & Tyre Reference Chart
-Globe sizing Reference Chart
-Module On Demand Self Tests
-Module End of Line Self Tests
-Module Reset/Reboot function
-Pair Key Fob function
-Interior Command Centre Health Check
-MidSpeedCAN Health Check
-Module Configuration Options, ie Police Mode, Reverse Camera, Beltminders
-Clear Audio Code Error for BA/BF, MKI & MKII FG
-Set Front Display Interface Module HVAC Display to Single or Dual Zone
-Security Access 0x27 menu to unlock all modules
-Engineering Mode Menu
-MKII Fg Falcon FDIM Recore Tool
-Instrument Cluster EEPROM Tool, full read write access to IPC for FGI, FGII and FGX
-Instrument Cluster VDO Supplier Commands
-Bruteforce ECU security access tool
-Raw AT Commands for ELM327
-Raw CAN Generic Diagnostic Specification protocol commands.
-ICC Switch Tester
-CANbus Traffic Sniffer
-Retrieve ECU Software & FNOS information
-ABS Module Configuration
Further Information and Videos of the software working can be found on my facebook page https://facebook.com/testerPresent



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