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first Post Guys, swap tech guidance 4 A 100% free gtx3584rs prototype I manufactured


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Hi All,

I've been hoarding a few things and had a firm talking to about it from the PM yesterday.

Stop hoarding


So I've decided to let it out and repent my sins.

I have a sct x4 from intune motorsport which I purchased for the old man's xr8 and after flashing it up a few times with a generic tune and some slight controller value changes was able to gain something you could notice.

But the plans he had went out the window and I unmarried the device ie returned it to stock and now I'd like to start using it on a turbo territory I recently registered and fitted my fg f6 setup on it.

The car barely will hold an idle with the stock tune and mods so to start with I'd absolutely be over the moon and willing to trade in some way be it parts, my own expertise relating to component fabrication/design or toilet paper if it comes to that haha.

I've always built my own cars as a hobby and there's not much I can't handle, tuning and ECU stuff though I've never got into as I've always taken my cars into CV and most recently CMS.

I don't wish to learn the a-z but If there's somebody passionate about this stuff who wouldn't mind guiding me through via pm and the occasional text to show me a few things I don't already know, I'd be a willing and more then generous in compensating.


Pop me a pm as first in best dressed so long as you know what you're on about I guess.

If you don't but know the person best to help me, let them know and put them in touch.

You both will be rewarded, I've things here that anyone would love to get their hands on.

Only more then willing.

Pics of the turbocharger I'm offering lol

Pics show fitted with vband rear but also have brand new custom factory modified,machined internal gated housing with 42mm flapper and centered 38mm hole.


Maybe a battery clamp for the finder lol






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