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  1. Hi guys can i disable the s3 and s4 solenoids through the pcm cheers chris
  2. Hi guys has anyone got any na to turbo conversion maps that they would be will to share cheers chris
  3. Hi Guys , Are Their any tips or guides on tuning the btr to survive with 300-400 rwkw , ie pressures , shift timing , torque reduction or anything else related . cheers chris
  4. thanks puffwagon will checkout with wideband in the morning
  5. Hi Puffwagon would it be possible for me to grab your bosch 980 injector data aswell cheers chris
  6. Cheers guys given me plenty to start with
  7. Hi guys , i am in the process of turboing my bf mk2 wagon , i have a few questions if anyone could help what are the basic values that need to be copied onto my pcm what section do i have to change to fit a bosch 0281 002 514 map sensor so the pcm can read correctly , also i have changed the diff ratio from 3.23 to 3.45 do i only have to change auF0394 to 3.45? any help would be much appreciated cheers chris
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