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  1. Carl

    N/A to turbo

    It has a 3inch exhourst big cooler 4bar fuel reg 42lb injrctors. Just not sure on the best way to approach it. Was thinking the best way would be to load a f6 file with zf preamaters straight in but have heard you get abs faults and the auto won't shift correctly.
  2. Carl


    Hi Roland Could I have it sent to me please Thanks
  3. Carl

    N/A to turbo

    I am turboing a n/a bf with zf and not sure what is the best way to start with a tune. Would it be better of loading a bf turbo or f6 file in or just using the stock tune in the can and turning turbo logic on and rescale the spark and speed density tables.
  4. Ok the manual I have for fg said it was b4 for some unknowin reason. The pcm was originally an auto one. What would be the best way to change the strategy and what to. Fg Cruise control, various sensors, turbo comp.pdf
  5. Ok I have tried every thing I can think of. Putting b5 to earth putting it to battery volts putting pullup resister in putting pull down resisters in toggling clutch switches on/off. launch control switch on/off. Cruise control switches on/off. I have even tried pin b4 as this is the clutch pedal switch for a fg. I am out of iders.
  6. I am starting to think I need to set it up with a pullup resister in between. But not 100% sure.
  7. I have datalogged the clutch switch and with the ignition turned on it comes up with not depressed then 12 seconds later it changers to depressed with out touching the switch. I have two manuals that say it is earth triggered and one that reads it is 12v to low volts?.
  8. Hi I have a barra and th400 auto in a xf falcon with the pcm set to a manual ba f6. iam trying to achieve a launch control off a button with no luck. It will rev to the preset launch rpm but won't rev parst it. I have a earth to a button to pin b5 on the pcm but its not switching over to it normal rev limit am i missing a parameter to turn on / off. Cheers
  9. Ok I have tried playing with all the turbo protection settings and it still goes rich Iam starting to think it is the injector data cause it goes lean coming on to boost then rich on boost with a target of .80 across the board. I have tried following the how to injector scaling with no luck I think. On decell it's rich (13.2 afr) i have tried raising and lowering the deadtime and injector pw. Cruise is (14.6 afr). Coming on to boost its (15.6 afr) right up to about 5psi of boost then it will hit target then go rich a short time after i have tried moving the breakepoint and hi slope. I'm not sure if I'm just a dumb ass or what
  10. With it in open loop it's still tries to track 1 lambda at idle is this normal. If I stall it up to say to 3000 rpm would it be on the hi slope or still on the low slope.
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