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  1. @Roland@pcmtec remember I had trouble with mine and I had drivers not installed then once I installed them it worked, might be the same?
  2. This isn’t to do with what you are after I think @Puffwagon but I found if you want to change the units of what you are datalogging make a datalog save it, open it, play it, and pause it then you can change the units and it’ll change it when you datalog again.
  3. Thoughts now? After a few changes of deadtime and low slope.
  4. Nah we rescaled the whole lot, not just 14v.
  5. Yeah I honestly don’t know what happened they weren’t that bad few months ago. I’m going to start from scratch, least I can only go up from here @Roland@pcmtec I’m not sure but I think one of my dramas could be is I changed my alternator pulley to a larger one from Dynomite Performance and my battery isn’t seeing 14 bolts it’s only seeing 12.6-12.8 volts. Could that be a contributing factor?
  6. Hey @Roland@pcmtec here is my histograms of cam angle vs rpm vs LTFT and Fuel pulse width vs LBMF/event vs LTFT. Also my injectors are Bosch 980cc.
  7. Hey Lads, I’ve recently blown up my BTR and put a built C4 in I’ve changed my parameters to all manual but I seem to still have gear selection numbers up on my dash cluster. I have a 2006 BF MK2 XR6 Turbo Ute.
  8. Hahahahaha I did this and can confirm it was loud, then I changed it to little grumbles now 👌
  9. Have you done an equation for an AFR gauge? Or all AFR gauges are different?
  10. Hey is there a parameter that you can change to make the time to prime the fuel system when you cycle the key on? I’ve changed :- auF13397 from 1 to 0 auF10279 from 3 to 10 seconds auF0356 from 8 to 12 seconds auF1930 from 5 to 3 seconds Still have seen no change from the 1.5 seconds the pumps prime for. Anyone have any other ideas?
  11. Okay awesome thank you. What gauge are you using ?
  12. How did you wire yours up?
  13. Why do you need 2 potentiometers?
  14. I have one just haven’t wrapped my head around how to wire it yet, got any video links of how to wire it up or tips?
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