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  1. Hey Lads, I’ve recently blown up my BTR and put a built C4 in I’ve changed my parameters to all manual but I seem to still have gear selection numbers up on my dash cluster. I have a 2006 BF MK2 XR6 Turbo Ute.
  2. Hahahahaha I did this and can confirm it was loud, then I changed it to little grumbles now 👌
  3. Have you done an equation for an AFR gauge? Or all AFR gauges are different?
  4. Hey is there a parameter that you can change to make the time to prime the fuel system when you cycle the key on? I’ve changed :- auF13397 from 1 to 0 auF10279 from 3 to 10 seconds auF0356 from 8 to 12 seconds auF1930 from 5 to 3 seconds Still have seen no change from the 1.5 seconds the pumps prime for. Anyone have any other ideas?
  5. Okay awesome thank you. What gauge are you using ?
  6. How did you wire yours up?
  7. Why do you need 2 potentiometers?
  8. I have one just haven’t wrapped my head around how to wire it yet, got any video links of how to wire it up or tips?
  9. Okay awesome. No it’s not factory turbo.
  10. Apart from that can’t you change it so you don’t have to do that?
  11. Well I found out that MAP is data logging as inch hg, how do I change that to psi?
  12. What is the DMR for boost pressure? I’ve tried IAP and it doesn’t move. @Roland@pcmtec
  13. G’day just wondering if anyone has changed throttle bodies to a Bosch DBW 82mm. I followed the diagram of how to wire it up correctly. What maps do I need to change?
  14. Hello everyone, I have a 2006 BF NA XR6 Ute with a BTR 4 Speed Auto. I’m currently putting all the supporting mods on to turbo it. Bosch 1250cc injectors. Fuel Pressure regulator set to 4 Bar. Map sensor is changed to a standard turbo 2.5 Bar. I haven’t changed my engine or loom, I have Standard NA ABS module, Standard NA computer. My plans in the future is to put a fully built FG motor in with a C4 behind it and send it, but for now while I build that motor is to keep the NA engine and turbo it. I’m not sure w
  15. Haven’t tried changing anything yet, I’m still new at this.
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