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  1. Hello everyone, I have a 2006 BF NA XR6 Ute with a BTR 4 Speed Auto. I’m currently putting all the supporting mods on to turbo it. Bosch 1250cc injectors. Fuel Pressure regulator set to 4 Bar. Map sensor is changed to a standard turbo 2.5 Bar. I haven’t changed my engine or loom, I have Standard NA ABS module, Standard NA computer. My plans in the future is to put a fully built FG motor in with a C4 behind it and send it, but for now while I build that motor is to keep the NA engine and turbo it. I’m not sure what would be the best option for me before starting the build. To change strategies to a BF F6 strategy. Leave my NA file and copy everything from a BF F6 strategy, the downside of that will be having a smaller load axis. Thank you.
  2. Haven’t tried changing anything yet, I’m still new at this.
  3. Hello has anyone fiddled with the 4 speed BTR. Can you set when you want the gear changes in drive or performance mode? I’ve changed the diff gears in my car over a year ago, from the 3.45 to 4.11 gears. Before in Drive it use to change into 4th at 60 now I have to be doing 68-70 for it to change.
  4. Okay will try that, thank you.
  5. It won’t let me change it any higher then 250km/h. 453E7486-B58A-42A4-B4CE-1CB6DD646D2E.MOV
  6. Hello just wondering how to disable speed limiter?
  7. Yeah idles perfect, where ever I set it. Okay will do.
  8. This was all happening before I changed to FG intake manifold and V8 throttle body. I’ve narrowed it down to just the idle in gear, I’ve been upping it in 25rpm increments from the stock 550 rpm. I’m at 650 now and it is starting to hold a bit then drop a bit then hold again and so on.
  9. Idle up. 16982C62-7726-4A70-A5B5-DE0D4AAEA7D4.MOV
  10. Stock idle parameters. 95498BBF-452A-4740-9E27-D042C276B646.MOV
  11. Idling down, engine braking?
  12. Hey Roland With my Ute the FG manifold and bigger throttle body etc. I increased the Idle RPM to 750 from 550 in Drive and 700 in Park/Neutral from 575. I also changed the Min to 700 from 400 and Max idle speed to 800 from 850. In first gear I’ll tap the throttle and it’ll hold revs no matter what speed. It’ll hold a bit in other gears then start decelling but not as bad. How can I fix this?
  13. Yeah, my mate Carl thinks it’s Tip-In for sure he’s heard it and knows a bit about cars and tuning. I took it off my 2008 BF GT MK2.
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