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  1. syph3rd

    Hey guys

    Thanks for the responses, I am somewhat versed in the Ford OE ECU's from doing EEC hacking back in the day but gave up and went MoTeC for everything haha! Just have a car that has a weird idle issue even after changing engines from BA to FG so i am just trying to get my head around everything as I think I need to change the ECU and since it was tuned via HPT i'd lose everything and will need to start from scratch.
  2. syph3rd

    Hey guys

    hey guys, Thinking about buying PCMTec for my Territory. We recently put in a FG Engine and wanted to know if there was a base file somewhere which allowed this engine to run perfectly on a BA / Territory ECU. We used everything from the FG and only kept the BA VCT Phasers as we put on a BA Rocker Cover. Is this something which can be provided or will I have to get the car tuned? Regards, Nathan
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