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2016 Mk2 Territory - Turbo / 6HP26 Conversion


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 Hi Guys,

I am currently converting my 2016 Territory Mk2 oem (N/A - 6HP21) to (Turbo - 6HP26 - Turbo PCM & wiring as required)
The Turbo engine & 6HP26 came from a 2013 Territory Mk1 (6HP26 was std in that model & this one has been built by Monsta Torque with billet input shaft...) 
The Mk2 only came with the 6HP21 unfortunately...
The doner vehicle was running its oem N/A PCM with aftermarket boost control...
I would like to use a PCM & wiring harness circuits i have is from a 2008 FG Turbo Mk1, for its boost control tuning capabilities....

Ideally i would like to do the following,
- Retain my vehicles OEM wiring harness & ad the additional circuits which are in the Turbo harness, such as (Turbo pressure sensor & Boost solenoid)
- Use the 2008 Fg Mk1 turbo/auto trans PCM
- Cross check all other PCM / TCM pinouts for match.

I have both the PCM & TCM calibration files for the Engine & trans which came from the 2013 Mk1 Territory,
& the Workshop level of PCMTec, ForScan & potentially the availability of IDS if required.

If Anyone (Whiteford 😉)  would have any helpful information regarding this conversion process, 
I would really like to discuss it in detail.



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