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FG na to turbo parts list


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Hi my name is Mark and I own a 2009 na FG falcon that I wish to turbo. I purchased a nice condition na G6 and as the title says I’d like to whack a turbo on and swap gearboxes as she’s the 5 speed auto. Yes I wish I’d known to just purchase a factory turbo car but hopefully I can get some help here.

What I’d hopefully like to achieve is a substantial increase in hp and am prepared to go either ZF, T400 or powerglide.   I guess I’d like to know what my options are regarding ecu/boost control and blending that in with the na ecu and also how installing a totally different gearbox will affect speedo etc. My FG does bugger all kms as it is so my preference is whatever it takes to achieve my goals and if someone can maybe do a parts list for this kind of conversion I’d be eternally grateful.

TIA Mark

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Hi Mark , good on you for having a go route ! You will learn heaps . With the zf conversion it’s bit of a mission where properly better to buy a donar car . As from my research you need the body wiring loom , abs module, the pcm ( maybe ) and possibly workshop to merge strategies? Look on utube and it’s quite involved. Or u could just get a zf controller (fast 6 ) through Gilroys trans Toowoomba. 

Barra the world.com  has turbo exhaust manifolds for under $600 last time I looked .
boost controller will just have to be like a gfb 3 third party boost controller. The Na Fg manifold is fine for low to moderate boost . Been using one in my Territory which lives boost life around 12-14 psi . 
you will need a decent name brand fuel reg and a blanking plug for the na fuel rail ( Ti performance or Barra the world maybe ?) 

also custom ally Welding has some nifty little saddles for the water flow and return for the turbo. No welding and the saddles are quite reasonable in price ! Barra the world have the turbo oil tee for the turbo . I just used 5/8 heater hose for a low mount set up for the turbo drain ! 35 k and no problems or sign of . 
just stick to 6 psi when learning to tune . A lot harder to blow up your motor and is a bit more tolerance to mistakes. Also need a fuel pressure gauge for base fuel pressure or  you will chase your tail . An wide band af gauge is a must ! 
 Also a 2-3 bar map sensor, Ti performance again . The injectors in a fg I believe are 42 pounders ( someone correct me ?) . So should be fine for 6 psi to start off . Ok the Fg has the 1 r 23 aa rods aka toothpick rods . Just like the first turbo and Na  Barras . Actually it’s the same rod that was in all of the Na Barras . It’s a myth that the Fg Na had better rods . ( I know as I pulled one apart ! Have pics to prove it ! ) . With my build I was very lucky to score some bf F6 rods and pistons with low k’a for $300 . Best investment ever! As I had a run away turbine once when I was in the throws of road tuning ! It would have went bang when the motor saw 18.5 psi at 3-4K rpm’s .

I am just learning like yourself and therefore am happy to share what I’ve learned and still am learning ( don’t know everything!) So pm if you have any other questions during your build ? 
Regards Graham. 

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