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  1. Hi Mate , it’s getting 18 months now and memory fading . From memory yes . These days I’m tuning old school ford 408 clevo with a screwdriver 🪛 lol! ( my current laptop) . So I’m forgetting things I’ve learned . That’s why I’ve got it all in a post . The values that worked for me are posted above . Sorry you will just have to read through it and work it out . But it all works great in my Wife’s territory with now 50 000 k’s.( She still won’t let me drive lol 😂) Current build in pic . Motor I built in my shed . 408 clevo , 3v heads . Haven’t dynoed it and won’t as it’s street tuned . A real handful wot. Feels like my F6 310 14psi on e85. It just let’s loose sideways @100km’s in 2Nd 3.25 gears 9” lsd. Downside , about 18-20 lt per 100km . Only runs 98. Cheers and good luck 😉.
  2. Just thinking about it . With the multi tune you could have a kick ass tune 18 psi e 85 and all the fields -500 . Then street tune like above and then maybe something in between? I’ll get the one car multi tune one day and might do something like above ? anyway, I’ve gabbed on enough! Wishing everyone happy boosting !
  3. Hi Mate , the 0 Collum is the oil temp correction. So the first 2 collums are just stock . Then I just played with it from there . But I got it shifting fast enough without breaking the suspension or our necks . More positive numbers equals more slip . More negative numbers means quicker shifts. From what I have seen . ( I’m no expert lol). my opinion, even if you have a built box , you will still destroy it just as quick especially Na turbo conversion strategy as it’s tuned for comfort not 800 foot pounds and 400 kws. So getting the above right between neck snapping and comfort is important. Like I said above . If we could have the s5 global tied into driver demand/ load v load retard on the gear changes , be a perfect world . Mucking with the s5 globals seems to be a compromise. bear in mind my wife’s daily ( which I’m barely allowed to drive as just loves it so much!) is living on 10 psi from my dyno butt says depending on outside air temp . Is 380 rwhp in 35 deg ish to what feels like 450 in the really cold winters of about 4 deg c (10 psi e 10) ! The pcm really wacks in the timing and 15 psi is just nuts ! I’m scared of breaking the drive line not the motor. Motor is barely breaking a sweat ! I just spent nearly 6 k rebuilding the rear end due to the torque and also the nick snapping gear changes. So be warned. But the build has far exceeded all my expectations and my Wife loves it and the big block like v8 power/ torque combined with the 10-11 lts / 100 km fuel economy. It was a very hard road at first making mistakes and being upped by a worried wife eg are wasting lots of money and end up failing! But we got there ! It’s an awesome car that’s drives beautifully now ! Ps we also drove it Bathurst last year fully loaded even with firewood for camping ! Love it !
  4. Just an update, I got the s5 globals well …. Perfect ! After a lot of trial and error. I probably should post a pick of my s5 table ? When I get time if people want me too?
  5. Hi Mate , gone back to normal life now plumbing etc ! I don’t want to comment as I’m now quite rusty! Would take time to brush up to reply! Sorry 😞. But the btr box is doing everything it should when changing under boost and is as perfect as I can get it . Also the motor is still going strong . Drove it to Airlie Beech last year . Regards Graham.
  6. Ok thanks for the reply, I’ll look into the other torque requesters that u have said . cheers .
  7. Hi All, While away on holidays loaded to the hilt with a dog in toe too! 6 hours of driving (on 1 tank of e10! near 500 km's) with also jusy holiday driving around. My Lovely wife was complaining about a few things about the car! Had troubles with hot starts and stalling in gear from idle to a quick stab with the fg throttle body etc . I fixed these after a lot of head scratching, but that's for another thread! But main problem was, even with trying to compromise on the s5 globals. Just normal driving in traffic would produce very stiff gear changes and again, sore necks. It was a problem, as the Wife was just not enjoying driving the car in traffic. Ok on the highway, but horrible in a Surburban aeras. Ok I came up with a solution, but @Roland@pcmtec just an idea! Could we have part of a custom tune for btr cars that we could have the s5 duty cycle tied into load eg load v duty cycle and maybe even with rpm cells to 6000 rpm? Just a thought. Ok, so the solution I came up with was basically, I just went 100 % in all of the fields in the torque reduction tables. And it worked! light throttle conditions u can feel retard spark come on during the changes and nice quick and softer changes! I'll post pic of tables below, individual cars may need fine tuning, but have a try?
  8. @Bill found it and posted pic for anyone wanting scale their injectors ! Cheers .
  9. Hi Puff , can u use open loop to close loop trans to force open loop by changing out the table to 500 ad counts ? ( ad = analogue to digital) or is there a switch like you were saying ? I had a look but couldn’t find anything? Also how do u set up your breakpoint as well ? Regards Graham.
  10. Also don’t forget to change at stoich to 14.7 for 98 . Some one must have done this to cheat the injector data ? Thanks Puff for above !
  11. Ok, can u help me explain Puff and see if I get this right? for injector scaling, if you don't know the info there is a way to get it close. Hopefully I get this right? You will need a wideband af gauge. In open loop which is going back and forth from about 14.5 to 15.3. So at idle adjust your low slope till you get stoichiometric which is what is being commanded on your base fuel table. Maybe best way is to drop your boost spring to 7 psi. In the turbo smart actuator there is 2 springs a big one and a small one. Can't remember which one? but tuning at 5 or 7 psi (5+7=12) is a lot more forgiving than at 12. once that is sorted get your duty cycles to gate pressure (5 psi is better). Learning with less boost is best! Force into close loop lambda eg .80 or about 12:1 is what you are looking for. So, try short pull about 50to 70% throttle come on boost about 3 to psi and see if the fueling is what is being commanded? trial and error. Keep mucking with your low slope, breakpoint and then work up to high slope runs with more boost. Thing is not sure with those injectors whether you will see it go into high slope till u get into more boost because of the size of the injectors and also when your breakpoint is set? Your speed density should be sweet, so if you get your injector data to what you're commanding you will be right. Must be very careful and build up on your runs and boost. I think if you can get the injector data from the makers at 4 bar (the pressure of a turbo fuel reg) this will make the whole process so much easier for you. Datalog everything, watch out for knock and just trial error from there. Sometimes it's easier to do than for me to explain especially as I've only been tuning at ammeter level past 12 months, but I love to try and help as I was in the same spot. Am I Close Puff?
  12. Yeah , what he said ! Honestly! Puff is one of the best around here ! I’m glad he jumped in ! I’ll sus out your timing but if puff has looked at it . Must be alright! regards Graham!
  13. Hi Mate , I tried this and it worked grate . But I had to adjust the breakpoint by about 20 % . Otherwise it would hold the low slope and cause a lean out and afr warning on my gfb3 controller. Since gone back to stock . Just muck with the o2 offset number in fields that the rpm would be in cruise first . Then do some partial boost pulls with an af gauge and adjust the breakpoint . regards Graham. ps I’ll get to look at your vct overlap . On holidays now so have time !
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