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  1. update: i have secured a 182K bf MKI with a BTR service history (box has been rebuilt an serviced every 10k with oil filter was done) (payed 1000 bucks for it) the zf BF is now my daily. has anybody dealth with COREtuned at newcastle or Euro Prestige in vineyard? they seem to be the guys ill be looking at using
  2. hey JPM. thanks so much for writing back. i have decided to let a professional handle it, the fella im going to take it to.. he has tuned a few of these things, his going to road tune it. (495) im currently looking to buying a BA falcon with a 4 speed in it.. i cant come to blow up the BF if it comes to that.. (if it was to happen, back to the drawing board MKII BF lpg motor with valve springs an E85) i have picked up some 550cc injectors for 50 bucks (to be flow tested) if they are shit ill just bin them. regards to the ECU,wiring harness an boost controller. i 100% agree with y
  3. thats why i am asking if you could tell me a tuner you feel could help me
  4. thanks so much for that puff wagon, i saw that roland said that the box will sh*t the bed.. ive seen BTR 4 speeds with 400,000km N/A+T's take 270rwkw.. i was thinking that the ZF6 are built even N/A are built a little bit better in regards to tuners. ive spoken to a few of them.. some wont tune it "its to much work" or its gonna cost you minimum 2700 i spoke to 2 tuners who were quite reasonable on the phone , hearing from others.. they have a lousy reputation. sad thing about the car game. i also want somebody whos going to listen to what i want.. not the fattest figure on a
  5. or could you recommended a tuner who you know who has done this before?
  6. hey mate, yes i will be, im currently doing all my research now, (looking to do it within 6-12 months) so basically run the stock tune an then build off that? ive talked to a few tuners an they have said the ZF6 aren't a bad box (aslong as you dont rape them, an dont leave it in Drive) i drive my car quite sensibly, but i understand what you mean.
  7. hey guys, my name is daniel. i am from the central coast of new south! i am currently putting all the parts together for a N/A turbo build. then i thought.. instead of having it blow up on a dyno.. why dont i road tune it myself (plus learning it very fun!) so the plan is to use everything stock from a B series falcon, besides 7PSi waste gate pressure. im using a stock gt3582R from a FG F6 stock B b series manifold stock intercooler an piping (considering buying something slighter larger) 4 bar fuel reg xr6T manifold sensor. stock xr6t exhaust my questions he
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