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ABS fault- How to Tyre Diameter Change FG Turbo


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Hi all, 

I recently bought 275/40/18 Hero Drag. Now I have a issue with my car throwing the ABS fault codes and my cluster is lighting up like a christmas tree. 

However my friend and his brother have the same radial tyre as myself on the rear and are running 19 inch argents at the front, nothing fancy on a standard tyre. I have 19inch twists at the front of my car with the same tyre specs as both of them... They dont get any fault codes what so ever. It is strange because all 3 cars are the same setup in terms of tyres and suspension. 

They are on the 18 inch honeycomb wheels all around. I take the front two off and replace it up with my genuine twists hoping it may make up for the difference in size however it still throws the codes. So either way the car wins and i lose. 

Why could this be? Any help? I dont want to take the ABS fuse out either. 


Thanks Ali 

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Hi Brother Ali,


I assume no errors prior to Tyre/rim change?


Did you check DTC errors?

Did you review the VID block values on your mates cars to see what has been used for Tyre size?

 Try and disable VID , flash car and then check to see if it appears? if it doesn't you will need configure tyre size ratio from memory, I'm not in front the PCM tech editor.


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