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First of all the car is a 03 ford fairmont I've done a few things one of the first thing that it noticed when hook up to ob2 port comes up as (my04) 2003 parts car was a 05 ba mk2 I converted the fairmont to mk2 by changing all the computer modules and using a ba fairmont mk2 dashboard.

Mods list,

F6 under headlight intake

F6, xr8 intake snorkel 

Upper territory intake pipe to throttle body,

Bf xr8, xr6t 322mm front brakes

T56 heavy duty clutch

T56 performance flywheel

Au t5 converted to ba/bf spec

Fgx xr6 rims 245/40R18

Fg-fgx manual pedal box converted to suit ba/bf

50mm rad

Raised rpm to 6500rpm and tables to go up to 6500rpm 

Vdo oil pressure gauge f6 spec hooked up just like how the f6 is 

Pro Street afr gauge to aid with tuning using a standard bf cat pipe

Xr8 abs module so t/c works as factory 

So has anyone used HAAT3VC on a N/A BA and tuned it to suit a N/A, what did yous use to fill in the new tables that the ba didn't have??  


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Proper daul vct control on a BA N/A using HAAT3VC 
step 1 merge a BA N/A stock tune HAANGB6 with HAAT3VC

step 2 find a BF N/A stock tune HACCEC5 merge everything

step 3 going to start appling the bf tune HACCEC5 one by one to find out with part of tune that makes the car not start... auF2437 IPC software version number_ IPC

step 4 set up DTC Controls to suit Ba set up, Power Steering Pressure Sensor Circuit Low Input - auF11855, P0553 - Power Steering Pressure Sensor Circuit High Input - auF11300,P1550 - Power Steering Pressure Sensor Out of Self-Test Range - auF12691, P1650 - Power Steering Pressure Switch Out of Self-Test Range - auF11729,P1651 - Power Steering Pressure Switch Input Fault - auF11896, P1633  - Switch - Mil Fault flag indicating low/lack of KAM voltage,

step 5 set up System Switches to suit Ba set up, O2 Rear Configuration type - auF0011, Power Steering Pressure Switch - auF0364, Power Steering Pressure Transducer - auF0365, auF0010 Number of O2 Sensors number fitted

step 6 set up Rear O2 Sensor to suit Ba set up, auF2440 Disable FAOSC 
step 7 leave Knock Sensor same as BA N/A HAANGB6

step 8  leave Alternator same as BA N/A HAANGB6 

step 9 optional auF1702 KAM ROM Switch 

step 10 flash tune to car 
and strart the car and make sure everthing is ok
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