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BA Mk2 T56 Conversion Reverse Lockout Solenoid PCM Pin Found


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Hi All, this is not a question but rather my attempt to make this information searchable (googlable) for people following a similar path to me.

Unlike the BF/FG the BA Mk2 does not use pin B42 to actuate the reverse lockout solenoid on a t56/tr6060, rather it uses pin A16, which, on an auto is used by a transmission shift solenoid. Considering this, I it may be that this pin can also be used by the BA Mk1 if you are performing a T56 conversion - testing required! If you do this testing feel free to post your results here.

Please note that you will need to have a BA Mk2 T56 strategy loaded in the PCM - I am using the F6 strategy with diff ratio correction.



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Hi Peter, just checking if A16 is correct? I've just replaced a BA engine harness after having to diagnose a couple of issues. One problem was due to a broken wire between pin A16 to throttle position sensor & the other was due to a broken wire between A18 & trans shift solenoid. The wiring insulation had rubbed through on the AC hard line near the PCM.



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56 minutes ago, 2X044 said:

Sorry for the miss information, it is pin A17 and is pink/black.

I'll go back and correct the original post if it will let me.

3 dots in the top right of the post will let you edit the post. Brett Hogno at Custom Machine Works | Brisbane QLD | Facebook may have tested this. He's done a lot of testing & if not, it may be something he's interested in trying.

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