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  1. You can't use an ELM327. You need a J2534 cable with 18v FEPS support as per the website. The best, cheapest option would be the OBDX Pro FT https://obdxpro.com/product/obdx-pro-fx-ford-obd2-j2534-diagnostics-and-tuning/
  2. Not a problem mate & whilst I don't mind a beer, I don't expect anything. Have a beer for me
  3. The wiring from the ZF6 connector goes to the C20 connector which is the large main engine wiring loom connector, passenger side of the engine. It's not uncommon to find broken wires here or near the ZF connector. Image is FG but the wiring location is the same. Wire colours may differ From the C20 connector, it goes to a connector in the passenger footwell. It's also not uncommon to find this section of wiring loom has rubbed through on the aluminium AC pipe near the passenger shock tower. If water has made it into these connectors, there'll be corrosion on the connector pins. It's rare to find any broken wires in the cab, but it's possible. The territory manual I have for SY doesn't have wiring diagrams for the ZF6, only BTR so is not useful. The FG manual shows the ute wiring loom goes directly from the passenger footwell to the shifter whereas the sedan shows an additional connector beside the passenger seat that may be accessible if the foot scuff plate is removed. I wouldn't go searching for this one unless there was an issue between the footwell & shifter. I've run out of time to get more images, but it gives you a starting point.
  4. Check continuity between tip+ at the shifter & pin 5 at the TCM connector. Tip- is pin4. Check the pin isn't pushed back in the ZF connector & the TCM pin isn't damaged. Wiring damage near the connector is possible too. Sorry for the poor quality wiring diagram. I had to zoom out further than I wanted before being able to snip the image.
  5. That’s ok if the hardware isn’t ABU-212 or ABU-242. They don’t have the IO for the clutch switch so cruise will never work.
  6. From memory, enthusiast level doesn't allow for you to use the return to stock feature. I missed the bit about it not recognising the cal id. When it can't read VIN & Cal ID, it's tuner locked as per what hjtrbo has said. FORScan usually has no problems returning it to stock but you need to be a paying customer, have a particular version of FORScan & the factory files. If the VIN is missing from the VID, FORScan won't show the VIN section for you to write it & takes some knowledge on how to trick it to re-add it. If you want to retain the tune, Custom Machine Works is your best option.....if it's not locked using PCMTEC.
  7. Unlike tuning applications, FORScan doesn't care if the VIN is programmed into the VID block & will connect regardless of it being there or not. I can see the VIN isn't displayed in any of your FORScan screenshots. This is often seen in stock PCM's that have had the VID block programmed incorrectly using IDS or FJDS. I've lost count of the number of times I've seen it.
  8. I may have a new DLP + AEM X-SERIES 30-0310 all wired up ready to go. I put it together for a bloke, he lost his job & I haven't heard from him for a few months. If you're interested, send me a PM & i'll check if he still wants it.
  9. No, the Tatrix doesn't support MS CAN & you should avoid the cheap ELMs with a manual switch, they're usually cheap crap. The VGATE vLinker FS cable is a cheap auto switching cable with regular firmware updates to keep up with FORScan development.
  10. Here's download link for Xspurt Injector data for their different size injectors, if anyone needs a starting point https://www.racerindustries.com.au/injector-data-files/
  11. Update on the bricked TCM. The TCM is now recovered. It arrived & FORScan would find the TCM but would only recognise the OS calibration, not the 7J105 calibration. Identifying the TCM with other software, confirmed the same thing. It's been re-flashed with a full OS & calibration write, tested & will be posted back tomorrow.
  12. https://support.pcmtec.com/kb/article/34--critical-resources-not-available-happens-when-upgrade-between-different-edtions/
  13. That's great mate. You need the paid licence to get access to the beta area of the forum to get the download link for 2.4.8beta but yes, recovery mode works well. It took a few emails, sending debug data to the FORScan team in 2.4.7.test builds to get it working properly with the vLinker FS & J2534 devices. There were a few service procedure interrupted errors, resulting in no communication with the PCM, but they got there in the end. I had another tool I could use to recover the PCM, so it was ready to try again when another test build was provided. So far, I've only had 1 PCM sent to me that I haven't been able to properly recover using FORScan or return to stock. The PCM wouldn't communicate in car with any scan tools, HP or read using PCMtec recovery mode. I wasn't going to licence it to try writing to it. It was an ABU-244 BA turbo PCM, that would recover using FORScan over & over. Once recovered, it would then read with HP, PCMtec & FORScan. Give it half hour to an hour of being connected on the bench & it wouldn't communicate again. Leave it disconnected for a few hours & it could be recovered again using FORScan but kept losing COMMS over time. Not a FORScan issue but a hardware issue. It'd been sent for repairs twice & sent back after being supposedly being repaired, prior to being sent to me. A replacement PCM was installed & that solved the problem. There's a few other things you can do with FORScan PCM programming, that are pretty handy, if you have the Ford calibration files & spend a bit of time to work out a few workarounds.
  14. I've seen a couple of bricked TCM's & it's usually been the result of trying to flash with low voltage or high temp. I'd ask what codes you have but you have no COMMS. If you think you may have bricked it because of one of these problems or others, send me a PM & we can discuss possible recovery options.
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