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  1. BF na pcm's don't have the hardware required for boost control
  2. NO. CANbus is different for a start. There would be so many more issues created with mismatched wiring, ABS, BCM, cluster etc
  3. In short, no. The FG & BF CANbus systems are different & that's just the start of the issues you'd have.
  4. Have a look for an unused 3 pin connector near the other gearbox wiring connectors that matches the Ford speedo transducer. It's usually got a plastic plug in it for protection & is taped to the rest of the loom.
  5. You could contact the tuner & ask. The only other option is to read the tune. Here's your options if it's tuner locked
  6. Thanks Roland, I have read this topic & forgot the function was only available for customers with the workshop version. When Darryl said ^^^^^^ "there is a procedure we show them", I thought there was a new development that wasn't published on the forum.
  7. Hi Darryl, will the Workshop procedure be added to the Workshop Discussion section or is it made available upon request?
  8. I've found that PCMtec is setup to detect the VM in Parallels on Mac & stops itself from loading up in Windows 10 VM. I remember another post where someone had it running but there were some issues. This would require setting the VM up in a way that PCMtec couldn't detect the VM. I have installed another instance of Windows 10 on the MacBook Pro via BootCamp & have no issues running PCMtec using a Tatrix OpenPort 2.0. The Tatrix OpenPort 2.0 works on Windows 10 in Parallels on Mac. I've used it with FORScan but only for testing.....the OBDLink EX is better for this. HPTuners works on Windows 10 in Parallels so J2534 doesn't seem to be an issue. I use my Mac most of the time so having PCMtec run in Parallels would be nice rather than booting up BootCamp, shutting down & going back to Mac Big Sur to do the rest of my work. Don't buy a Native Windows 10 laptop. Install Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit via BootCamp. Licences are cheap......do a google search I think I paid about $20 each for my licences.
  9. Have you disabled the VID Block & correctly set the speed source?
  10. Before you go flashing an F6X tune into your Territory, check out the "HOWTO: ABS Re-programming". There's a lot of useful information there and some specific to the Territory & the different ABS systems that will likely change your mind about flashing the F6X tune in. You would be better off comparing the F6X calibration with yours & copying over relevant differences. If you think you'll want to tune the ZF, get the professional version or you'll wish you had later on. Have a look at the pricing, the professional version will show you what you get on top of the enthusiast version. If you've downloaded the Demo version, have a play around with it. Switch between Enthusiast & Professional to see what/where differences there are.
  11. There's plenty of help in the forum. You just need to search posts, read up, learn & then ask questions. As for setup costs, they will vary depending on what you're prepared to spend on the equipment required and what level of training you may want before jumping in & buying any tuning software, as everyone's budget is different. This is something each individual needs to research. You need to ask yourself.....what are my end goals, time frame for completion, what is my budget, what is my risk, do I have an alternate vehicle & funds should something go wrong, is road tuning feasible or not, am I better off paying someone? The web is also a good source of information. Here's a few links I found to both free & paid tuning courses in just a few minutes. The tuning software used may be different, but it's the principles of tuning that are what is required https://www.hpacademy.com/technical-articles/tuning-tools/ https://www.hpacademy.com/technical-articles/explained-pre-tuning-essentials-part-1/ https://www.hpacademy.com/technical-articles/explained-pre-tuning-essentials-part-2/ https://www.hpacademy.com/courses/ https://www.hpacademy.com/hpa-starter-package Once you've been through all the HP Academy material, @Roland@pcmtec has mentioned in forum posts, training materials being worked on by a tuner using PCMtec tuning software.....it might be completed & available if you still need more specific training on the PCMtec product & tuning. I'm sure I've also seen references to other sources of information & training within forum posts.
  12. You'll find the speed source setting is incorrect in the PCM for the vehicle. The BA uses 2 different ABS systems. The first is a 3 channel system for ABS equipped vehicles & a 4 channel system for ABS/TCS equipped vehicles. I wouldn't expect that the calibrations would be in any way compatible which rules FORScan out as an option for fixing your issue. I believe you'll have 3 options.....I'd go with option 2 if you have the original PCM Option 1. licence the PCM & change the speed source setting to match the original PCM.....there may still be other differences in the calibration that may cause problems Option 2. See below....HOWTO: PCM Replacement Option 3. change the ABS module to suit the pcm. You'd also need to confirm there are no body wiring loom differences, brake master cylinder is the same etc.
  13. Yes & no. I've found the OBDLink EX cable works better & haven't used the Tatrix with FORScan for quite some time until you asked the question. I've found the Tatrix to be temperamental with later versions of FORScan & Tatrix drivers. You will need to make sure you have the Tatrix selected in settings & the correct settings for it to work. I've just connected to a BA RTV pcm using Tatrix & bench loom which is why you'll see a lot of fault codes. I have several other pcm's which I've just connected to where the Tatrix won't connect or if it does, FORScan doesn't recognise the calibration or won't read DTC's. The OBDLink EX will connect & read all these pcm's & will read vehicle modules. After making changes to FORScan settings, disconnect the cable from laptop & pcm, then restart FORScan. Sometimes you may also need to reboot before reconnecting cable.
  14. I'm no tuning expert but I'd have to agree with you Roland.....rather than wasting money on an eboost, tach converter or additional tuning time =$$$ doing a work around with an na pcm, just get a turbo pcm. They come up for $200-$250...$500 if you're desperate. Do it once, do it right!!
  15. Thanks for the confirmation that it couldn't be done using PCMtec & a different cable. I've been advised of a cable & different software that'll work but haven't looked at it any further yet.
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