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  1. I believe the DMR you're looking for may require Workshop level access @Roland@pcmtec
  2. Correct. You’ll still need to follow the instructions at the start of the post once you have the F6 strategy
  3. To have "Fully Independent VCT" in a BA, you will need the F6 strategy HAAT3VC. F6 is 6 speed manual. To get cruise working in 6th, start by looking at the "GEAR" parameters....Gear ratio, Gear min ratio & Gear max ratios. Also make sure your diff ratio is correct.
  4. It doesn't affect the VCT settings AFAIK. BF na & XR6T have independent VCT & use the same auF12646 settings as BA na & XR6T. BF F6 uses the same setting as BA F6.
  5. The auF12646 "OIL PRES LO OPEN Switch" is a parameter that's set to 0 if you're using an F6 cluster or set to 1 for na & XR6 turbo. If you have the wrong setting, or simply swap the cluster for the wrong type, the oil light will stay on.
  6. Thanks for updating us all. The info you’ve provided is very thorough & will no doubt save a few headaches for others 👍🏼
  7. Whilst the log shows that in between the shift inhibit & change to third the torque source changes to transmission shift, it shows the gear commanded is never second gear. Have you logged while sports shift is selected to see if the "shift inhibit" shows in the same place? Does it show second gear as commanded with manual upshift?
  8. Yeah, I can see where the logged "torque source" changes from "driver demand" to "transmission shift" just after you back off in first & before the change to third. I assume you have adjusted all the locations for axle ratio in the pcm tune to 3.9. There's another hidden in the ZF tune to try as well "ZF03985 Ratio of differential"
  9. When it was in limp mode, (without the CANBarra module), would it upshift to second at low RPM or shift straight from first to third? Trans temps are only 43-44 degrees. Have you had it up to full operating temp to see if it's not being inhibited due to operating temp? Also looking at another of your posts, you have changed speed/pulse out settings. Could this be causing your shift inhibit & changing from first to third?
  10. Has it always had the problem in the conversion? Have you tried returning the ZF to stock to see if it has the issue?
  11. Hi BeerTurbo, I've been looking at the differences between BF na & turbo strategies to see if I can find what triggers the mismatch with the na ABS module when a turbo PCM is used eg Fairmont with na ABS/TCS/DSC module & turbo pcm. I was able to help find a solution when a T56 was used in a Fairmont with turbo pcm but testing on a ZF6 vehicle stalled. I'm hoping to find a na vehicle locally to fit a spare turbo pcm I have & continue testing or even get a na ABS module & bench test with a turbo pcm & ZF6. The E trans setting was one of the difference's I'd spotted that we didn't get to try before a turbo ABS module was installed.
  12. I'm assuming your car is a factory turbo with the ABU-244 pcm. The F6 tune isn't the best tune to do a compare & copy due to it using BF sized tables & "Fully independent VCT" which aren't available in a stock BA turbo strategy. A manual BA XR6T strategy would be a better starting point for comparison. If you want to take advantage of the "Fully independent VCT" & BF sized tables, You'd be better off flashing the F6 strategy in.
  13. Bill


    Hi Bruce, you will need to provide a lot more detail if you want help. Do you have a BTR or ZF6? BA, BF, FG, na or turbo? Describe when is slips & how bad the slipping is.....does it slip on up-shift, under load, under boost, for a split second, is it a slip or a full on neutral for a second & bangs into gear etc. Include what you've done as part of your own diagnosis. Firstly, you should check fluid level & condition? check fault codes? What are they? data log the fault?
  14. Yes, if you put ZF TCM into search, it'll give you. AFAIK, it can't be done with IDS
  15. You can't download key/barrel related files. A parameter reset should work as per Roland's comment above. These stickers shouldn't be removed from the original vehicle that it was affixed to. If you're caught with the sticker off another vehicle, expect to be suspected of re-birthing vehicles & the police to knock down your door. Take a photo if you need the details for programming purposes.
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