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  1. This screenshot is using FORScan to reprogram an ABS module on a BFII XR6T ute but shows the variants that can be programmed. The same ABS module can be programmed for several different models & options. The errors don’t affect the final programming & are shown due to incorrect variants being programmed previously as the correct calibration is now selected
  2. Happy to share information. Screenshots of FORScan ABS programming. Errors were present when I bought the BFII Craig Lowndes XR6T manual ute....really cheap after the faulty PCM was replaced with a second hand F6 PCM. It had ABS & oil pressure fault codes & lights on. 2 different Ford dealers tried reprogramming the ABS module & even replaced the ABS module & tried again with no success. They were trying to calibrate the ABS with the XR6T calibration. They both were aware that the PCM had been replaced as it was documented on their receipts for work carried out but they didn’t check the PCM calibration. One also did an oil pressure check & replaced the sensor with both a genuine & aftermarket oil pressure sensor trying to work out why the oil light was on. From the VIN stored in the PCM I determined it was from a F6 manual ute. I was able to write the ABS calibration 09 03 04 for the FPV ute & cleared the ABS fault. It’s now been reflashed with the XR6T 09 02 04 ABS calibration using FORScan & the correct XR6T PCM Calibration using the PCMtec “Create Stock File From Strategy or Catchcode” & “Manually Merge VID/Serial”. I used the Tear Tag B7BA to find the right calibration. The PCM still has the F6 VIN which doesn’t worry because everything else is right. Very simple with PCMtec. I wish I didn’t buy HP a few years ago when I was watching the development of this in the pcmhacking forum, lol
  3. BF MKII F6 Manual ute strategy is HACCKC6. As per Rolls comments, you will get the low oil pressure light on that can be switched & ABS fault. Forscan will allow you to switch the ABS calibration from XR6T ute to F6 ute etc. I believe the differences between the XR6T & F6 was a larger intercooler, airbox If they were swapped with F6 parts then it might be safe to run the F6 tune at your own risk of course
  4. I recently purchased a BFII XR6T manual ute that had a PCM (ASU-224) replaced & had issues that Ford couldn’t fix ie ABS light on & fault code C1991 - Module Calibration Failure. Oil pressure light on & fault codes P0520 - Engine Oil Pressure Sensor or Switch Circuit & P0524 - Engine Oil Pressure Too Low. After reading the PCM to obtain the fault codes I have the VIN to put into FORD Etis & confirmed the replacement PCM was from a BFII F6 manual ute. Same hardware different software/strategy. I was able to change the ABS calibration to the F6 ABS calibration & the ABS fault was gone which also confirmed the PCM had the F6 strategy. I compared the XR6T strategy vs F6 strategy after reading another forum post & could see the oil pressure switches were inverted as suggested in that post. I decide to reprogram the correct XR6T ABS calibration & return the PCM to the factory XR6T calibration because the engine has no modifications. If I had the correct F6 intercooler & airbox I would hav just flipped the oil pressure switch settings. If you are trying to swap tunes between the 2 cars you are likely going to experience similar issues. Are you getting any fault codes? ie C1991 Transferring the tunes will possibly have each car looking for the ABS calibration of the other ie MKI F6 looking for MKII XR6T ABS calibration & MKII XR6T looking for the MKI F6 calibration. Have a look at the Tear Tag on both cars & see what the ABS calibration should be. You will have to see if the ABS calibration for the MKI is available in the MKII & visa versa & hope that works. No guarantee. In order to achieve this with the car tuned using SCT, you may need to use the controller to return to stock, change the ABS calibration & then flash the tune back in. Again, no guarantee it’ll work Post Tear Tag photos of both cars
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