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  1. Thanks for the confirmation that it couldn't be done using PCMtec & a different cable. I've been advised of a cable & different software that'll work but haven't looked at it any further yet.
  2. Hi Roland, does the PCMtec application have the ability to change the operating system?
  3. This is Ford's explanation of what DSC does & how it's done using the yaw sensor, an acceleration sensor, wheel speed sensors, ABS and/or TCS & engine management.
  4. Here's a summary of the differences in ABS modules used in the SY Territory......Bosch 5.3 & Bosch 8.0.
  5. I've downloaded the latest version (later than the one you've installed) from the Tatrix website & have rendered my device unusable unless I follow the steps in the YouTube video posted earlier. I'm not going to edit the registry at this point unless I really need my device. I've done some research and it would appear that if you haven't done Windows 10 Updates in a while, you will get away with updating drivers & if you update windows afterwards you are fine but if you update windows before installing the drivers, you will have issues. I've emailed Tatrix & opened a case
  6. EDITED.......DO NOT USE THE LATEST DRIVERS.....TATRIX no-longer working...."No ELM Found" I'll send an email to Tatrix and let them know so they can sort the issue with Microsoft & update the registry as per the Youtube video. I've just downloaded the latest drivers & had a look at the "openport.sys" properties. It would appear Tatrix have been made aware/realised there was a driver issue & have provided a new Driver version. I'll update my drivers in a while & see if it all still works Version
  7. Is your Tatrix working ok with the later driver version? Contemplating updating my driver to see if my Tatrix still works or if it breaks my Mac
  8. Great to see you got it sorted. Google usually has the answers. It's not that long ago that I setup my Mac. Wondering now if I used an installer I had on One Drive or if I downloaded the latest version. I might have to install the latest drivers & see if it breaks or if it still works ok.
  9. There's info on "Windows Driver error 52" if you do a google search and the message it displays is basically telling what's wrong. Have you tried uninstalling OpenPort 2.0 rebooting and reinstalling? You could check the "openport.sys" file to see what it displays
  10. Try ticking the auto connect, set the ISO support to the same as what I have & then close FORScan completely & reopen it. Maybe try a reboot & if unsuccessful, get in touch with TiPerformance as advised.
  11. If the OpenPort 2.0 drivers have installed correctly, have you setup the "Connection Type" - J2534 & selected the Openport 2.0 as the J2534 Adapter? When changes are made to the connection type, you will need to close FORScan & reopen it for it to connect successfully.
  12. Below is the link to "FORScan", it's the software that Roland has suggested installing to help you work out if your issue is hardware related. If it connects, it's not a hardware issue. If it won't connect, you likely have a hardware issue and need to contact the supplier for further advise. https://forscan.org/download.html
  13. Did you search via Tear Tag "BBME"??? I can see it in the calibration list & it's available as a stock file
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