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Zf tcm bricked


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46 minutes ago, Jamiem said:


I have flashed a zf 6hp26 tcm about 30 times and now it won't communicate with pcmtec or forscan.

Have checked power to trans plug from battery and key on.

What is the chance that I have bricked it ?


I've seen a couple of bricked TCM's & it's usually been the result of trying to flash with low voltage or high temp. I'd ask what codes you have but you have no COMMS.

If you think you may have bricked it because of one of these problems or others, send me a PM & we can discuss possible recovery options.

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Check your logs for the temperature. It needs to be below 85c from memory. When they got into a a brick mode they run 100% and take a long time to cool down. Try again in the morning. 

Our bench ZF would get hot enough to boil water if we left it bricked overnight. We ended up putting a hearsink on it during development. Normally they are cooled via the oil. 

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Thanks for the response,

just checked the last 4 logs before the comms loss and trans temp wasn't above 54 degC as it has a front mount trans cooler.

i did try depowered over 24 hrs and still no comms and that is when i  checked batt power and key on power to trans plug.

i have been looking into purchacing module 77 (jlr zf 6hp26) for pcmflash to try to recover data from another zf and load it to the bricked one but may be send it to someone to do that.


data log befor last flash Screenshot 2023-10-05 190055.png

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Update on the bricked TCM. The TCM is now recovered.
It arrived & FORScan would find the TCM but would only recognise the OS calibration, not the 7J105 calibration.

Identifying the TCM with other software, confirmed the same thing. It's been re-flashed with a full OS & calibration write, tested & will be posted back tomorrow.


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