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  1. That is a manual in neutral. It is not going to work the same in an auto or if you are in gear doing a rolling launch.
  2. I tried 0.6 lambda and -25deg timing and it wouldn't rev past 4k in neutral. In gear you can get it to hold fairly still. Eventually it will break through but you could set a rev limiter at say 4k with a combination of fuel dump and spark retard before that and it should hover between the limiter and the retard fairly well. Experimentatiom here is key. Beware you will likely melt things.
  3. If that is the case what is wrong with the normal fuel dump and retarded timing which is described in this thread? This builds the maximum amount of boost unlike a limiter which will cut fuel and hence build less boost. This will also be smoother.
  4. Put new OEM coils back in. Also confirm that you aren't getting valve float. Does it only occur at peak torque? Do you have a lumpy idle after a dyno run? What happens if you run spring pressure instead? Timing is probably due to the various adders. You can log individual cylinder spark and see if knock retard is kicking in.
  5. What is the goal? Almost all the time a soft limiter with spark retard is better. You don't need a full cyl cutout when in gear otherwise you loose too much torque and it makes for inconsistent launches. You can of course put a simple rev limiter in the launch tune though, you will need to adjust the deadband/hysterisis though as otherwise it will drop 2-300 rpm per bounce.
  6. Depends on the cams. Basically anywhere you are getting aircharge going out the exhaust making the airflow model non linear. The only way you will know is via datalogging and seeing how the standard ve model falls over with large overlap.
  7. It should be linear once on boost. You only need to manipulate it in the vac zone. Everything below 101 kpa or 14.7psi is off boost.
  8. These cars do not have a fuel pressure sensor. You'll need to check it mechanically.
  9. Sounds like you have a tuning or mechanical issue then. You are going to need to go back to basic and check fuel pressure, spark gap. Datalog the MAP pressure vs a pressure gauge or check it against the boost sensor etc. Did you set up the new map sensor with the correct slope and offset in the software?
  10. I missed that it was a na +t Did it work properly before and suddenly stopped working or it's never worked properly?
  11. The first revision is being reviewed at the moment. Still a few months off but we will let everyone know when it is available. I would say its over the halfway complete mark now though.
  12. What are your LTFTs reading at? For a quick check I would unplug the O2 sensor and see what happens. Sounds like the O2 sensor is failing/has failed. This assumes that the injectors were dialled in correctly to start with.
  13. You need to speak to your tuner. Ghost cam will always have compromises.
  14. Have you tried connecting to the tcm and looking under ZF DMRs to log the Trans?
  15. It is already available here: https://forum.pcmtec.com/topic/235-howto-disable-or-reset-zf-6-speed-long-term-adaptive-learning-kam/
  16. Running that rich will likely foul plugs causing stalling issues and wash the bores if you leave it idling like that for an extended period of time. Definitely turn off LTFT/lean it out at idle in those areas.
  17. If you have a correlation fault then the sensor is a likely culprit. Why not replace it and put it somewhere else?
  18. Depends if you are utilising under boost to run 100% duty below the boost threshold (they do from factory). If so and you don't tune the waste gate DC to do the same you'll add lag. The same is true if you are hitting overboost to stop boost spikes. If you disable it you might have massive overboost causing knock etc. The fact you are getting already getting random overboost suggests you have an issue and overboost/underboost is kicking in (eg you are running too much boost for the internal wastegate etc). Though it could possibly be a faulty boost sensor. Have you datalogged boost
  19. It it used for closed loop boost control, over boost and underboost protection. If you disable it you'll need to run open loop boost control which means your boost can vary quite a bit in different transient conditions.
  20. There is a list of workshops here if that helps. I don't believe either of the ones listed use our workshop package. https://www.pcmtec.com/workshops
  21. No we won't be doing anything regarding the canbus packets. You could try CANBarra and see if they are interested in it.
  22. Be simpler to reprogram your ABS module (assuming it is compatible) to suit the turbo. Check out this group https://www.facebook.com/groups/australianforscanusersgroup/?ref=share Alternatively what you said might work but I'm fairly sure the turbo logic enabled switch is transmitted to the ABS module and that is what triggers the incompatibility.
  23. It will be designed to give you all the information to tune a lightly modified Xr6t to 300rwkw including the ZF6HP26. This includes all mechanical steps and check lists. Beginner/intermediate level however it will still have info that might be new for even experienced workshops. It will be a document that can be purchased through the editor. In person training will be in groups and a done seperately. We haven't decided on pricing or the delivery method exactly yet as the the material is only half way done.
  24. Also we have invested a large amount of money into producing some training material and a tuning guide which will have an accompanying in person training session available in VIC which we hope will be available this year. This has taken us years to find someone capable of doing this which also has the availability to deliver on it. It is very hard to find people who can do this job and are willing to take it on. The reason we haven't had anything available to date is not from lack of trying, we just literally could not find anyone to hire to develop it.
  25. I'll give you an example. You spend 1mil buying a workshop. Then you spend 500k on a dyno, sound proofing, external exhaust, tools and then drop 300k a year on maintenance and employees. You then buy a brand new test car and spend months of R&D tuning it, taking it to the track, blowing the motor after testing the limits. More tuning and R&D until you know how far you can push the limit of the motor. Maybe a few hundred k of R&D and you start charging 1.5k for tunes. This Includes mechanical inspection and all the prior knowledge you learnt. Joe blow down the road who h
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