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  1. Lol, almost. I haven't yet got around to diving into the disassembly so I don't know the answer. There are clues in the logger, type of driver counter for example. Then acceleration rate, incline detection. All of that mixes together to form the lookup values to select the shiftmap. The algo will be complex. You would need to find buried dmr's in the logger that together will start to form a picture. Or you could go GM style and set that whole table to 5 (whoah, what could go wrong ) and just have the 1 shift map to tune.
  2. Can you read German and have Winols? You could save me a few hours
  3. Haven't tried recently. Will set my sim back up and see what's what.
  4. When the @PCMTEC crew have time to open up an additional DLP comm port name it will be possible to home brew CAN devices into the logger. No ETA.
  5. Quoting my own post lol. The trick to getting this to work is the serial to uart must be ftdi and named "DLP-IO8"
  6. Been thinking about this solution tonight. I'm not familiar with adruino, but I am with pic mcu's. It's not much work to add canbus to this. And probably better than using my emulator to be honest.
  7. @Roland@pcmtec adding an additional com port name would allow me to advance to a full emulator. Currently the DLP is acting as a dongle if you will to get your code past the initial 'number of ftdi of devices' check etc.
  8. RS Components export site are showing 335 available. DLP Design - DLP-IO8-G - Data Acquisition 8 channels Analogue Digital Input, DLP Series - RS (rs-online.com) Do you have virtual serial port software (e.g. Eltima Virtual Serial Port), a decent RS232 to USB adaptor and a DLP-IO8? I do have a solution, but it's a bad hack and not something I'd release public just yet. From time to time I circle back to it and make improvements. FWIW I just run my wideband 0-5V to the DLP. If you go that way, observe good power, grounding and signal practices and it'll work just fine.
  9. Assuming that you've done the install correctly and all is well mechanically, it is likely your adapts will need to be unlearned. There is no quick process for this other than keep driving it. I can't remember the parameter number, I have posted it before, but adapts will only change above a certain temperature. Default is 70degC. There is ZF cloning over obd available now, I don't know if that process can reset the adapts. @Whiteford have you done any testing on this? When you say zip kit, did that include reg / boost valve changes too?
  10. yeah, that t/b will need setting up. I can't help with that 😔 Go stock t/b it'll probably fire right up. That's not the idea though, I get it.
  11. Idle has some torque based parameters. Was just a thought. Nothing else really sticks out apart from that etc table you mentioned at the start. Be good to turn your over boost protection on. Till the puffman gets a look hey.
  12. puff is the man, you'll be in good hands. But auF0260 Torque module switch. First time I've seen that turned off. You tried turning that back on?
  13. auF0032 yes auF1721, good. To be honest I'm just spit balling trying to help. Another good one is auF0210. Is the dtc it throws with the mil noteworthy?
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