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How to datalog for blocked exhaust


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I was wondering what parameters i can datalog to see if i have a blockage in my exhaust.


Basically whats happening is my fg na xr6 feels low on power and when you drive at WOT, it starts to really run out of power over 4000 rpm and doesn't go over 4800rpm. If you leave it on WOT, it will even start to drop rpm and if i stop immediately after to an idle, it will stall. I get the same issue when in park

I tried logging the o2 temp for b1 and b2 thinking there might be a difference in temperature between the 2 sensors but it was not significant enough. My idea was that B1 would be much hotter than B2 if the cat was blocked. i did see the cat temp reach 830 degrees celcius but no higher.


I also logged MAP at WOT where my engine is hitting an rpm "limit" to see if my pressure goes too far from 0 BAR but that wasn't the case.



Are there any other parameters i can datalog to help show what the issue could be?

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