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HOWTO: Multiple Tunes with PCMTEC via the "Flash Only" package.


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We regularly get asked "How can I have multiple tunes with PCMTEC?"

There are several ways you can have multiple tunes with PCMTEC. The first question is what is the goal?

  • High/Low boost?
  • E85/98 Tune?
  • Ghost cam tune?
  • Need to be able to remotely tune a customer and you still want to lock the tunes so they can't be read out?

Depending on which of these you answered there are several options available.

Firstly if you would like 1 of the items below this can be achieved via wiring a switch into the cabin and utilising our Custom Operating System. Or utilising the MFT (Multi Flash Tune) via the cruise control buttons. 

  • High/Low boost or variable boost toggle.
  • E85/98 octane dual maps.
  • LPG/98 dual maps
  • Ghost cam on/off

With any of the above items you can simply wire a toggle or rotary dial (potentiometer) into the cabin.

Now if the above options do not give you the flexibility you require you can utilise our "Flash Only" package which will run standalone on a Windows Laptop or Tablet.

The Flash Only package can be unlocked via any of the workshops listed on our website www.pcmtec.com/workshops

The cost of the Flash Only package is an extra $150 (3 credits) which will be charged on top of your existing tune, you can create as many tunes/files as you'd like once the user is unlocked, these can be done remotely and then emailed to the customer.  You then need to supply a Windows based tablet or laptop and a J2534 cable. These cables vary in price depending on which model you go for. Typically they are around the $120 mark upwards.

Flash Only Package User Guide

This guide is for the workshop who will be creating multiple tunes for their customer. This requires that you have at least one read of the vehicle required. Once you have a read of the vehicle you will be tuning and have licensed it you need to unlock the customer.

This requires that the customer has registered on the website, you can do this on their behalf. Once they have registered on the website you must unlock the customer. This only needs to be done once, eg if another workshop has already unlocked the customer, you do not need to do it again.

Once you unlock a customer, their username will be tied to the serial number of the vehicle, if you wish to provide a tune for a different vehicle (or customer) you will need to unlock a new user.

To unlock a user follow these steps:

First the customer must register on the website www.pcmtec.com and activate their account (reply to the automatic email)

First license the file you wish to use. Then press File -> "Save Customer Flash-Only File"


Please then enter the username (email address) of the customer who has registered on the website.


You will then be prompted to unlock the customer for 3 credits. If the user has already been unlocked this step will be skipped.



Now you will be prompted to save an LTEC (locked tec) file. Note this file will only be able to be edited by yourself. If anyone else attempts to license the file they will be told it is locked. If another workshop or customer attempts to read the file out of the vehicle they will also be told it has been locked. I a customer has a locked tune (that you didn't supply) you can still overwrite it with a stock file.

Now send the locked file to the flash only customer.

The customer will need to install the "Flash Only" package from our website www.pcmtec.com/downloads and login with the same account that you used to unlock the file with.

Once they have installed this package they must login (same as the normal editor login). This package is a cut down version of the editor that allows flashing locked files only.


If you have successfully unlocked the user you will see "Product: FLASH_ONLY" in the log. If not you will see "Product: FREE"

The user can then open the locked file. These files are automatically tuner locked so the user will not be able to see the Strategy.


They can then write the vehicle by pressing "Write Flash"


The Flash Only user can also read files and send them to you.

The Flash Only package has also been designed to work on small screens such as a tablet.

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