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  1. Hey SKD, just confirming - did you get the cruise working in manual form with the ASU152?
  2. Thanks Roland, I'll have to try and work that side out. The data display is suggesting that the pedal is always out anyway so maybe the problem isn't even with the clutch pedal. I very much appreciate your help. Thanks again.
  3. Thanks heaps for getting back to me Roland, I'll pursue those with someone that has the Workshop version. So I assume that somewhere in those parameters is also the ability to turn on and off the clutch switch input? Viewing the behaviour of the switch through Forscan this car does not respond to the switch whereas in the same parameter on Forscan the movement of the pedal is shown if I connect to another BF I have here which is factory manual.
  4. Great info, I've done a swap from BTR to T56 on a BF NA. I really need the cruise to work. I've put all the ratios in correctly and the car drives beautifully. The cruise worked when the car was auto. I installed the cruise setup out of a manual so it has a clutch switch and so forth now. There was no wire in the dash loom for the signal so I have run the wiring directly to the correct terminal on the PCM. Have checked the wiring and an earth signal gets there when the clutch pedal is depressed. When I view the data with Forscan though, it does not respond to movement of the pedal.
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