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  1. I’m still bug hunting this. I believe the only way around it is re-introduction of a speed source. The BTR I understand supplied the signal where as the T5 from the vehicle I used doesn’t. I have heard the AU extension housing can be utilised and in the coming days will look further into it.
  2. Hi all, Just trying to establish what is causing my cruise to remain out of operation. I have converted my BF wagon to a manual (still run the auto ecu with manual settings flashed). I have gone through most the scalars and now feel the data set within the gear ratios may be the cause. Does anyone have the details for the gear ratios for the 5 Speed Manual gearbox? I believe they were all the same? If not mine is a non turbo box! TIA
  3. Well this morning I downloaded PCMTEC and did the programming myself. Using information from members like Whiteford, doing some more research myself in regards to the wiring (I did my best in every instance to get professionals or workshop data to confirm this aspect) and looking at data from a manual strategy was able to get it all up and going. The software itself is fantastic, a real credit to the team and given my experience would highly recommend it to any educated enthusiasts or any professional in the industry. It makes an unbelievable platform so much more powerful too. So impressive! Thanks again to everyone who has contributed. I'm going to go over things and document my work if anyone decides to take this on themselves. Regards, JT
  4. Thanks again for your input Roland, I do still struggle with the concept of not doing it all by myself ?
  5. That is ultimately my biggest question. I'm just so keen to have it on the road I don't want to have issues when the tech comes! I guess it's suck it and see!!
  6. The speedo is working at present too so the wagon VSS setup must be suitable.
  7. Hi Whiteford, I've used your post for information already! Thanks very much for your input. I was contemplating the programming myself though Roland has advised to go with an experienced tech. I'm still toying with the idea of doing it myself lol. Call me stubborn!
  8. Hi All, I'm in the process of converting my BF Falcon Wagon from a BTR Automatic to a 5 Speed Manual gearbox. The mechanical aspects are done, now for the electrical and programming elements. The car is running and can be driven, though currently is in limp mode (D is displayed on the IC where the gear selection is normally indicated). I have run DTC tests using FORSCAN on my PC which has produced the following codes - P0708, P0713, P0743, P0753, P0758, P0763, P0773, P0826, P0828, P1000, P1746. The majority of these are related to the Auto Gearbox's operation. Of these codes what would put the car into a limp mode state? I want to try and resolve what I can prior to the tech coming to update the PCM programming. Next question, what is the ASU-152 PCM's suitability to be updated to a manual programme? I have heard conflicting stories and want to ensure no dramas to the tech attending. If my PCM is not suited to reflash to a manual configuration I would much prefer to have the right one prior to the tech attending. Rumour says the ASU-151 PCM is suited to this process so any clarification would be great. If anyone here has completed a manual conversion on a Falcon it would be interesting to hear what process was taken during your conversion? I have had a heap of differing input, which has led me in a multitude of directions. Ultimately I am going to write an article detailing my experiences for anyone who is contemplating this themselves. I have had some help along the way and these people will be thanked in my final write up. They know who they are anyway!! Regards, JT
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