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  1. This is what I’m chasing. Would you mind sharing the settings that achieved this?
  2. Hmm I must have missed something when going that way. Won’t it just continue to rev?
  3. Customer was after the ability to be rolling next to someone on the streets of Mexico pull the cruise back stomp the pedal to build boost and let it go. I do have a limiter setup and I think you may have given me what to do with the dead band. Do I increase or decrease? Or just simply play around with it. I have it making around 14psi on the launch tune as is. But as it hits the limiter it drops then comes back up due to the big rpm drop.
  4. The coils are straight from Ford. I’m leaning towards valve float, but I can’t see it being an issue as there fairly new crow springs, but that’s where everything is pointing. No lumpy idle after a pull, knock sensors are disabled with e85, I run Tune 2 at 15-16psi and no issues. Interesting thing is I pulled it off the dyno and it’s clearly been spinning the tires. I will road test it to see but I’m wondering if it the tire loading and unloading on the roller as it comes onto boost that’s giving me that jolting miss I’m feeling. 🤔
  5. Chasing an annoying problem. Run down on the car is Crow Springs, Bigger Front Mount, Turbosmart Actuator 12psi spring, high flowed turbo, new plugs and NGK coils on E85 - have tried anywhere from 15-19 degrees doesn’t really change and lambda .75-.85. As soon as it hits 20psi engine gets a miss that clears. Plug gap went from .7-.6 now at .55 still the same. Any advice? I have also noticed that my actual timing isn’t what I’m commanding - it’s pulling timing and logging all the spark parameters and doesn’t show where it’s getting pulled from?
  6. Is it possible to have a quick limiter. So pull the cruise get it into boosts and it just bounces off a limiter at say 4000rpm. I’ve got it to do it but it’s very slow to rev back up.
  7. Lower Comp? Forged Pistons? What have you pushed a stock bottom end to?
  8. Cheers, well that makes that my next tuning purchase.
  9. Oh awesome. Wasn’t sure how many I could set to high priority. Learning something every time I post on here. I’m guessing this is just a lag in data?
  10. I think I just answered my own question looking at this again as the MAP decreases as does my TP, but Fuel still says driver demand and the TP count is high enough to be in the .86 range? or is it in a transition between Decel and Normal?
  11. The pictures tell the story, but RPM limiter is at 6000rpm and Fuel Cut is 6200rpm. If you look at the screen shots at this point on the dyno i was asking .86 across the top but as the rpm gets towards the limiter desired starts going lean .9 - 1.10, but the actual is fine. Why does the desired start going away from what's in the fuel base table?
  12. Puffwagon - If you don't mind sharing when your running that sort of timing on 98 what Lambda are you targeting? Also how do you like the tunernerd knock monitor been looking at this to add to my Knock Box ears..
  13. Desired boost shows 10 as wanted but don’t get any DC, copied the DC table to Tune1 Base and it worked, swapped back to Tune2 and it also worked. Very odd.
  14. Bit of an update, swapped the factory solenoid for a 3 port MAC after doing the wd40 service and powering it up I noticed some leakage and what looked like air bubbles where the plastic port meets the body. Looks like it has a hairline crack at this point. Boost control now works with much less DC. Have found a funny issue thou when I go to Tune2 via CC the desired boost is shown on the log but I don’t get any DC? Swap to Tune3 and DC shows on logger.
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