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  1. When I first connected and downloaded the stock file it was set for VRS via wire and control was undefined. Must be a glitch when it first gets the VID block data.
  2. Managed to get it sorted. Made a plug that fits The BA cradle on outside and FG sensor inside and spaced out with a thick washer. Had to change the speed control to ABS CAN and intergrated control.
  3. Funny thing is no ABS fault on dyno, took it off to see if that was issue with cruise. Cruise stopped flashing but then triggered the ABS fault. Looks like I will have to make some form of adapter for the FG sensor into BA cradle.
  4. Well might have found a problem. FG with complete BA rear cradle so had adapted BA ABS Sensor to FG plug. Except now I get a ABS fault not coherent abs sensors left and right rear. Is there any where to alter the sensor calibration data to suit BA sensors?
  5. Having some trouble with a 2009 FG XR6 With the 5 speed trans, have modified the VID block to correct speedo after diff gear change. Now cruise comes up and just flashes, I have speed control enabled, Speed control source - VRS Via Wire and Speed control type - Non Intergrated. This stopped the cruise flashing and now sets but it won’t hold it tries to then just turns off. Mind you this is on a dyno so could that be because the front wheels aren’t moving? Or should it be set up different?
  6. Rolan, only thing I’ve missed is the offset table what’s the number of this in the software so I can do a search. thanks.
  7. Indeed the Variable camshaft Timing adds a large degree of changes in VE and as you say would be a nightmare to tune this system that way. I had good results tuning the slope table on a XR6T but the non variable V8 threw me but as explained seems straight forward.
  8. Thank you, that’s a great explanation. Coming from GM based VE tuning it’s a much different world in the Ford ECM.
  9. Ah yep, so basically you tune this single axis table at say wot on a ramp run and then every other load area is worked out by the pcm’s algorithms. That’s a bloody good system.
  10. Where does the load axis come from? As Cruise and WOT will be different fuelling requirements.
  11. Is it the same process for the V8? Obviously no VCT so do you just alter all the cam angles in Auf0061? Also a injector slope tuning question is this required on stock injectors or only if changing to bigger ones.
  12. Perfect answer, i thought could use one or the other but wanted to clarify.
  13. What is the main channel to log to see knock occurring? Also when tuning the spark tables am I altering the MBT or Knock Edge Spark Tables or Both? Thanks.
  14. I’m chasing an issue with a BA XR6T, Completely stock apart from a FG Turbo and a Dump back exhaust system. It will get to around 3500-4000 rpm and then just falls flat and cuts out. I’m guessing it’s overboost. If I zero the wastegate duty should this then just open under wastegate spring pressure to help me determine if it is boost cut or something else?
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