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HOWTO: Shortcut keys


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The following shortcut keys can be used to help save time within the editor.


Ctrl + Left (or Mouse Back) will navigate back to the last window you had open.

Ctrl + Right (or Mouse Forwards) will navigate forwards to the previous window.


When in the navigator you can type a single character and the cursor will snap to the first item that starts with that letter. Eg if you press "s" it will snap to "Sensor Control and Switches"

The arrow keys can also be used to navigate within the navigator. Left arrow will group a menu and right arrow will expand a group. Space will tick the export checkbox (if enabled)

Right click menu allows you to "Only show parameters that are different to stock" and also "Select all for parameter export"


Table View:


Within the table view you can use the numpad to activate the maths functions such as add, subtract, multiply, divide.

If you select multiple cells at once, then type in a number and press enter, it will set all the cells at the same time.

Ctrl + Z will undo the last action

Ctrl + Y will redo the previous action

Ctrl + S will return the selected cells to stock

Ctrl + Mouse Scroll Wheel will zoom in and out


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Data Logger:


DLP A/D converter

More info https://www.dlpdesign.com/usb/io8.shtml and purchase here https://au.mouser.com/_/?Keyword=DLP-IO8-G


Top section

Vehicle: Connect/disconnect the PCM

Trans: Connect/disconnect the ZF Transmission

DLP: Connect/disconnect the DLP-IO8-G converter

Start/Pause: Start / Pause live logging or playback.  During pause mode you can scroll through the log whilst still recording live data

Clear: Clear the current log file 

Smoothing: For decimal Scalar items will interpolate between read-in values to smooth the output file.

Auto range: When enable will automatically scale Scalar to what is on the screen, rather than the user log range, or the range of what has been received during logging

Auto scroll: Keep scrolling during live logging

Legend: Hides the transparent legend box if disabled


Logger section

Up (or Mouse wheel up) : will zoom in on the time axis (or the Scalar axis if hovered over)

Down (or Mouse wheel down) : will zoom out on the time axis (or the Scalar axis if hovered over)

Left / Right : will move the blue cursor through the log. Hold down to speed step through the log

Page Up / Page Down: Click on the Scalar axis to select which one you want to move, then these keys will shift it up / down

Ctrl + Page Up : will zoom in on the selected Scalar axis

Ctrl + Page Down : will zoom out on the selected Scalar axis

Right click scalar: Adjust the min/max range of the Scalar


Scalar section


Up / Down: will move through the scalar list

Ctrl + Up: will move the current Scalar item up the list (if sorting off)

Ctrl + Down: will move the current Scalar item down the list (if sorting off)

Del: will remove the current scalar from the logger


+ / - Decimals: Increases / decreases the number of decimal places for the selected Scalar

X Remove: Performs a scalar delete, removing the item from logging Scalar list and log display

+ / - Zoom: Zooms in /out the range the selected Scalar

Show ID: Switch between full name and ID of the Scalar

Shortcuts / F1: Display these keyboard shortcuts

Save / Load / Load Append Layout: Save and load the current chart layout. Also loads/saves user set unit ranges.

*Append will add any extra chart items not in the current scalar list


Right Click Menu

Displays context menu with the following options:

  Chart 1-4: Move the current Scalar to the selected chart

  Multi chart add: If you have multiple Scalars selected, automatically assign them a chart slot (if availalble)

   Chart remove: Removes the item from the log display, but keeps logging it in the Scalar list

   Scalar delete: Removes the item from logging Scalar list and log display

   Auto sort: Sorts items into groups. Otherwise if off, then user can sort items and save/load these layouts

   Adjust range: Adjust the min/max range of the Scalar

   High priority: Increases the read rate of the selected scalar. Normally the first 15 high priority scalars are at a higher rate, depending on PCM model

   Enumerated: Switch between word display of item (such as Torque Source) and the raw number value

    Equation: Edit the equation for the Scalar (only for DLP which converts raw volts into custom units)



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