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15 hours ago, Roland@pcmtec said:

Not possible in a BA. You will need to convert to a BF loom and PCM. 

The BA never came with a 6 speed auto so it does not have the required software to speak to it. The BA PCM is a different CPU to the bf and fg so you can't upgrade it either. 

Sorry Roland I was confused it is a bf and was a manual now a six speed can I link it with pcmtec

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No you can't link it, you need IDS or Forscan to do a parameter reset if you've been mixing and matching modules. IDS won't let you flash the TCM though. 

You can flash in the correct calibrations with pcmtec if you know what they should be. There are 900 to choose from so you need to already know what the calibrations codes should be. Once you done that if you do a parameter reset you should be on your way. 

This isn't something we officially support due to how much support time conversions consume. Though people do use our software to do this kind of thing. 

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