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fg cluster


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3 hours ago, Mrfg09 said:

ok guys i hope someone can give me some answers { i have another cluster i wont to put in my car because the 1 in there is crap any help with answers would be great

You're probably better off going to the Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/australianforscanusersgroup
Add some decent details eg

  1. your car is a MK1 FG XT, MK1 FG XR6T, MK2 F6, MK2 GT?
  2. how may km on your cluster?
  3. the replacement cluster is from?
  4. how many km on the replacement cluster?
  5. what is wrong with your cluster?....someone might know how to fix it or make it better.
  6. what are you trying to achieve by replacing the cluster?

Some cluster/vehicle combinations are easier swaps than others. Some require expertise above what most people have. There are a few people here who are also in the Facebook group who have very good knowledge on FG programming @Whiteford@jakka351 . Have a look at the "Featured", do a search or read through posts on the group page & if you can't find your answer, then ask.

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As Bill said - that page is the right place to look and ask questions, this is not IPCtec forums. I would also suggest that you may need to employ the services of Whiteford Tech, depending on your cluster and desired outcome as this task may be just outside the realm of forscan as well. But thats up to you. 

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