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Datalogging Saved Layout Issues

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Hey Guys

Having trouble setting up a log layout with both pcm and tcm scalers added...I save the layout, record a log, do a flash, cycle the ignition, only to find the layout has changed to a default layout (i guess)... 

Try to load the saved layout but not all the channels I have selected previously load up... 

What am I missing here?

Thanks Rob

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Hi Rob, just to gather a bit more information.

  • What version of the Editor are you using?
  • Are you logging the Falcon or Mustang?
  • What cable are you using for connection?
  • Could you please do "Help" -> "Upload Files to Support" -> "Upload Editor Logs to Support"?


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Hey Zhuojian,

I have sent the 2 logs to you.

Logging is a FG mk1 ZF

Cable is a Tactrix (genuine)

Tcm channels disappear in the 2nd log

Current software

Is it an issue because it is logging from pcm and tcm?

Thanks Rob

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  • 1 month later...

Hi Rob,

Sorry to get back to you this late. I wasn't able to reproduce the issue as you stated so I will need further debugging. The files you uploaded are enough. Thanks for that.
But at the mean time, could you please update your Editor version with the latest release on the download website? And try if you can reproduce the same issue with your vehicle?

Best regards,

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