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BA BTR trans coding

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6 hours ago, ToughDiesels said:

Can anybody please tell me if PCM can recode a new trans into a BA falcon with a BTR . 

We have fitted a new gearbox and it’s stuck in one gear with solenoid fault codes 

A replacement BTR doesn't need to be coded.

As long as the BTR is from a BA-FG, your speed source is correct ie if the original box used a speed transducer, the replacement must use one too & there's no issues with wiring or PCM, they are install & drive.  Earlier pre BA BTR's, the internal wiring is reverse polarity.

Did you have exactly the same issue & fault codes before replacing the gearbox?
It helps if you include fault codes when asking for help with diagnosing a problem eg P0753, P0758, P0763 etc. 

Check wiring & solenoids. It's not uncommon for broken wiring in BA's in particular at the C20 connector, occasionally near the ABS module, PCM & trans connectors.
Keep in mind that BA PCM's are failing at a fair rate now & it's not uncommon for them to put the BTR into limp mode & display fault codes for all solenoids.

Example broken wires at C20 connector.

C20 Broken Wires.jpg

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7 hours ago, ToughDiesels said:


ive had time to have another look at this and discovered there are actually no pins in the ECU for the C plug . 

Im assuming this may have something to do with the lack of auto functions ? 

Any ideas 

BA na PCM's don't have any pins in the C connector.

What fault codes do you have?

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