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BTR wiring harness to 6Speed ZF wiring


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  • 4 weeks later...

So I've just done this. I had a BA Future wagon with traction control, so this took a lot of work. If your wagon is a BF this will be a lot easier. You have to convert the car to a BF from an electrical standpoint. I used the floor/rear harness from the BA wagon and changed everything else. I changed:

  1. BF dash harness
  2. BF engine bay harness (x2)
  3. BF engine harness
  4. BF indicator and wiper stalks
  5. BF Accelerator and brake pedals
  6. BF RCM, IC, BEM, PCM, ABS, TCM (its inside the ZF6)
  7. Aftermarket ICC. Use BF one if you have standard.
  8. BF sunlight sensor
  9. BF 2.73 Ute diff
  10. Custom tailshaft.

The floor harness needs to have a couple of wires added for the zf6 shifter. Review the wiring diagrams for plug C-318. You add 4 wires, 2332, 57ER, 687T, 19H. I pulled the wires from the BF sedan floor harness I had and inserted them into mine through each connector so it looks factory. A lot of people just add them exterally.

I found an ABS unit without stability control which suited my Future with traction control (this means I didn't need the YAW and steering sensors). If you dont have traction control you need to add an extra brake line to the rear. You also need one of the aircon lines from the BF to fit around the new ABS unit

I found I had to use the BF RCM as the BA one threw a configuration fault despite only being on the ISO bus.

If you use boost control from the PCM then you need to add the wires for it and the boost sensor. I did both.

You don't need to change any plugs. I had to add wires to existing blank spots.

I got it driving just this past weekend and its sweet. Only problem so far is a wire missing from the RCM to the Dash for an audible alarm, so I will have to track that down.

Thats about as comprehensive as you should need. 

Have fun!



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Perfect thankyou. Yeah mine has been running for two years now just havent gotten around to fixing up the harness as i used a sedan harness and made it work by extending the speakers, indicators and brakes etc. just ended up leaving the rear wiper and squirter jet out 🤣

Now to find the time to do this haha

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12 hours ago, Hipcrostino said:

I found I had to use the BF RCM as the BA one threw a configuration fault despite only being on the ISO bus.

I had to replace the BA dash in my old work ute because it was too brittle to be handled when replacing the heater core. I also found the wiring had been hacked too many times for an aftermarket radio, telstra lights on module, phone connection and other crap to warrant swapping it to the BF dash I already had in a wreck.

I found I could use the BA RCM & BF dash together with a small wiring mod to fix the C1414 error "Incorrect Vehicle ID" fault for the RCM.

Refer workshop manual section 501-20b-107 & also wiring diagrams. You'll see that the connection at pins 20 & 21 are different. There shouldn't be a wire going to RCM pin 21 at connector C189a but BF has one.
The wire in BF pin 20 must be removed & can be taped up or completely removed when using the BA RCM.
The wire at pin 21 gets moved to C189a pin 20.

12 hours ago, Hipcrostino said:

Only problem so far is a wire missing from the RCM to the Dash for an audible alarm, so I will have to track that down.

Are you sure there's a wire missing? The audible signal indicator isn't meant to sound unless there's a fault with the cluster warning light & the system detects a fault. 

Additional info if anyone is going to use a BF dash in BA without changing the RH engine bay harness, it will also keep blowing the wiper fuse if the RH engine bay wiring isn't swapped. The wiper park wiring is different at connector C158 kick panel. One wire from the dash PDB has an extra wiring branch that goes to connector C158.
Remove or tape up the extra branch that goes to C158 park wire causing the short & re-pinned the (BO) park wire to the correct pin, which was pin 28a from memory.

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