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CAN Bus Flex Fuel Support - Ford F150 / Mustang / Explorer


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Please see this thread for an update on the release of the CANBus flex fuel support for the 15+ Ford Platform.


CAN Bus Flex Fuel Support using the Ford OEM stock computer with a continental flex fuel system being demonstrated using PCMTEC Custom Operating system.

Contact a workshop here to find out more


This has a failsafe user adjustable ethanol content via the cruise control buttons along with:

  • Variable RPM Launch Control
  • Launch Mode / Rolling Anti Lag
  • 10 Switchable maps on the fly with the engine running.
  • Eg Ghost cam, variable boost, variable power, the list is endless.

Supports the following vehicles.

  • Mustang 15-17 (2.3T, 3.7, 5.0, 5.2)
  • Mustang 18-23 (2.3T, 5.0, GT500)
  • F150 14-20 2.7T, 3.3, 3.5T, 5.0
  • Ford Explorer 19-22 3.0T
  • Ford Maverick
  • Ford Mondeo

Fr all of the data nerds out there, here is a datalog showing E50 -> E26 with the engine driving showing the trims working as expected and locking within ~2 minutes despite the DI pump and rail volume on a returnless system. On a return system we expect this to lock as quickly as the Falcon does.

CSV Datalog

TECLOG Format Datalog

Reference design with BOM (bill of materials), wiring placement and recommended setup for those of you looking to DIY or build your own kits.

May be an image of text

e50 to e26.teclog e50 to e26.csv

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