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Whipple / Roush / Control Pack support


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We currently support many Roush and Whipple strategies. As these strategies are custom operating system and not from Ford we must source these files from the customer to add support to the editor, as such you may have to send in a stock read before you can license/edit your vehicle.

If you have a Whipple tuned vehicle that is not supported you will see the following dialog.


Please press yes to send this file to support which will automatically create a support ticket so we are notified. Then please return your vehicle to stock using the Tomahawk (Whipple) or ProCal (Roush), do a full read with our software and send that file in also.

For Ford Racing calibration such as control packs, please send this in the same way.

If you cannot get a stock read we can still most likely add support for your operating system, however CustomOS and return to stock support will not be available. This means you will not see the blue/red colours in the navigator indicating when something is changed from stock, you will see grey/orange instead (orange means different from when the file was read).

Any non stock supported aftermarket operating systems that we do not have a stock file for will not show up in the stock file repository, they will however be supported.

Please note that some Roush strategies from 15-17 obfuscate the spark tables, you will see values like 0.00000000003455 degrees of spark, then you'll see that the spark multiplier has been set from 1 to 1,302,460,202,604 etc. You can manually multiply the spark tables back so you can get normal numbers.

As of 30-11-23 the following Ford Racing, Whipple and Roush Strategies are supported. If the Roush/Whipple designators are incorrect please let us know.



This post stemmed from the original discussion here. We monitor our forums more regularly so please continue any discussion here instead to get faster responses. Any support/tech requests please use our support portal as we do not guarantee to answer any support requests via the forums




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