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Brazil calibration


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FYI we wrote a program to dump the scalars from every single strategy in our database. Out of the 1700 files that have auF21158 (Brazil OBD logic switch) all of them have brazil mode disabled..

I spoke to Oz tuning and there was no flex fuel mustangs ever sold in Brazil, there was also no F150s ever sold in Brazil until this year (the 23/24 model). Everything else in brazil was an import. 

So the brazil switch was likely a development item that was never actually put into production. It may not be complete or function as described.

I did get a Brazilian strategy though JR3A-14C204-BDH and the following scalar is different to the others.

High Ethanol setpoint where ethanol is stable enough to run brazil OBD2


auF21160,0.33 (low setpoint)

The next closest FSJJ5 strategy is JR3A-14C204-VJ which has auF21159 = 0.9 and the low setpoint as 0.30 like every other Mustang. Some F150s and other vehicles have it set to 0. 


JR3A-14C204-BDH to JR3A-14C204-VJ shows a huge number of DTC codes disabled. Eg almost all the O2 sensor codes are disabled from the factory. The active exhaust is also a lot louder.

Basically it looks like a very "loose" calibration in regards to emissions and noise compliance which makes sense being Brazil does not have the same design regulations as the US.

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