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ZF tcc lock surge


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i have a friends Patrol with a 2006 Territory engine +turbo and zf hp26 that in 5th and 6th gear around 100kph / oss 3000rpm the tcc is locking then unlocking continuously at about 15% trans throttle.

in the screen shot near spk total you can see the tcc pressure saw tooth pattern that  matches the surge but the converter state doesn't show it.

i have changed the converter lock schedule 1 but not sure if it is for cold tot and through to schedule 5 is hot oil?

also can someone enlighten me on what the situation table (converter state w/t) dose please.

thanks Jamie.


Screenshot 2023-09-22 164704.png

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Doesn't do it cold only after like 10 minutes of walm up then dose it.

I have re gapped the plugs to 0.7mm and changed the coils and found the fuel pressure regulator was only at 3.3 bar so replaced that and fuel pressure is now back to normal 4 bar (originally it appeared to be in sync with wideband swinging rich / lean but wasn't fuel)

Was when I held it back in 4th that it didn't do it until shifted to 5th or 6th.

Was also thinking it could be a tot walm up strategy but it continues for a 20min highway drive also.

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have a couple data logs and tot temp probably low as log 1 is from cold start.

log 2 is in drive and near the end i put it into manual mode and dose it.

log 3 is just after i changed the line pressure for 5th and 6th from 9.2 to 10.5 bar.

log 1 patrol from cold 24-09-2023 02-46-48 PM Log.teclog


log2 patrol 24-09-2023 02-54-55 PM Log.tecloglog 3 patrol 24-09-2023 03-05-42 PM Log.teclog 

V3 trans and fuel mod terry patrol with trans read HACCKBA _Stock.tec

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I should mention that the trans cooler is infront of the radiator and not connected to the coolant system so it doesn't get any walm up from the coolant.

I populated the converter lock schedule 1 with 4000 rpm OS's for 5th and 4500 rpm OS's for 6th but still was locking/unlocking tcc.

I will change schedule 3 next then 4 to see if one is for cold tot

( I am assuming there is one for cold one for walm up and 1+2 for normal temperature plus Lhm or over temp )

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