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Help Identifying a PCM


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Previously posted in the Tuning section, maybe incorrectly... I need help identifying a PCM and there's a photo of the tag attached. Its supposedly from a 2004 BA XR6 Turbo Manual Ute but I'm suspicious (Non factory screws holding it in, dubious car history including body repairs and no tags in door aperture.... ) and I can't connect to it with either PCMTec OR Forscan, either in or out of the car. Bench test wiring harness is proven. PCM does have the turbo connector populated; my question really is, if I were to source a suitable replacement PCM, would an ABU-214 suffice for this application? Car won't crank after being parked a few months ago. Battery good. Starter Good. Potential wiring issues but in trying to observe DTCs found this PCM appears to be suspect. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

PCM label.jpg

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Thanks for your reply and yep that's what I was thinking too. I was just asking about the ID because I'm not totally certain that this is a PCM from a Manual BA XR6 Turbo UTE; is there a way to tell from the tag in the photo? I'd hate to try and source an ABU-214 to replace it and find its the wrong one. Do you know if there is a better PCM to use from a later model and how it's identified?

Oh. and as I expected, tear tags are gone from the body too... I'm picking I'll go and find another ute and see whats in it.

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Thanks heaps for this. I looked everywhere for some kind a guide including in PCM Tec Calibration tools. I believe that list might only be available in the Workshop Version (I have the Pro... I perhaps should've mentioned that; apologies) as it doesn't appear as an option under my calibration tools tab.

I think you have given me exactly what I need to proceed though, so thanks again.

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You legend. This is interesting... The owner of the car has said that its always run badly with some kind of hesitation in power delivery. Do you think an auto PCM in a manual car could contribute to this or similar? Are PCMs transmission specific or is that dependent on strategy? It would not surprise me at all if this PCM has appeared from another car without any thought given to this stuff.

Thanks for spending some of your time on this.

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