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Cutting issue.


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Hi guys,

looking for some advice here. I have a ba xr6 turbo BTR running on e85, with a gtx3582 turbosmart 12 psi actuator, flapper mod, walbro 525, gfb regulator, bosch 1000cc, plazmaman 800hp cooler, support mods on engine including spools rods and all the bolt-ons.

I started tuning the car and all went pretty well until started creeping into 19 psi of boost, after this stage I started noticing a cut at 3500-4200 rpm. After spending some time on the datalogger I found that my torque source was coming from the transmission and not drivers demand. I have tried quite a few things so far and can't seem to find a solution. I have followed the thread HOW TO stall up your automatic that gave me some ideas on what the problem could be but still no luck. I'll attach my tune and the datalog. I'd highly appreciate if someone could shed some light into this.

Note: I haven't yet adjusted my speed density tables and don't really know if I should do anyway.

The cutting issues is happening at 406 seconds into the log.

thanks in advance.


Pedro New e85 Tune current.tec Cutting Issue.teclog

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Following with this. Someone might benefit from my findings or help me scale my injectors properly.

I believe I have found the issue.
Today I forced the car into open loop fuel control and saw a significant improvement on it, I’ll confidently say it’s been fixed. I do have a innovate wideband in the car to make sure my AFR’s are correct. If anything I’m leaner at low load and richer at high load than the target lambda. I believe that the issue was being caused from poor injector scaling. I’d like to find exactly what the issue is so I can have the car in closed loop fuel control. 

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auF0268 : I dont understand why you have done what you have done here. just leave it stock. also you have bottom two lines same value? (also auF2191

You will benefit logging total torque request, and speed.

Looks like you have changed auF2559, which would have been my uneducated guess. Perhaps is it slipping beyond a reasonable limit?

what model injectors are they?

why have you zeroed : auF0263 and auF1359, seems like a recipe for disaster.  your better of turning of the specific thing your playing with, than does this as it affects everything.

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Thanks for reviewing my tune @BeerTurbo.

With auF0268,auF2191 and auF0267 I led myself down the wrong path and committed to it. I believed that I was supposed to change them but after having the fuel in open loop fuel, I put them back to stock and the car worked better than ever. That was a mistake that I made. 

With auF2559 I saw in one of the threads that this could be a good thing to change so I did it. I don't think the box is slipping at all, it feels good.

I'll log Total Torque request and speed thanks. The Injectors are Bosch 1000cc Part number 0280158040 They are 1150cc at 4bar fuel pressure which I'm running.

With auF0263 and auF1359, that was and attempt to make spark do exactly what I commanded which has been good it has always done what I wanted. Do you think I should have them stock ?

My plan now is to scale my injectors again as I believe I can further fine tune them.

Cheers for the feed back.

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