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launch control/rolling antilag

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Has anybody figured out a good strategy to build a launch control tune on a gen3 +1 if it is whipple os this was one of the main selling factors for pcmtec but unfortunately this is all new to the mustang being hpt never had anything like this most used msd box or n2mb box. Any ideas methods you have tried or are experimenting with post up 

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Do you want to simply use the throttle? If so the stock setup uses the TOT (oil over temp) limit to reduce throttle based on your selected rpm launch setpoint.

You can then adjust the SAI lambda and spark for these if you want spark retard or cylinder (not usually something you want on a super charged car and the throttle is sufficient on a PD car with maybe some spark retard so the throttle is not reduced as much).

Are you using this for roll racing or for stationary launch control? There are 100s of ways to set this up depending on your goal. Simply add the tables you are interested in to the launch slot.

If you want flames and gimmicks then that is a different story and you can disable the throttle cut and use spark retard coupled with lambda cut, this will cut cylinders and be extremely aggressive. This will not be smooth enough for a stationary launch and we would recommend using an aggressive spark retard + fuel dump in this scenario along with potentially changing VCT timing (eg lots of overlap) to induce a large torque drop whilst keeping air speeds high.

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