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HOWTO: Manual Mode (SST) - Enable Gear Shift at Redline - Mustang 18+ S550 and similar

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By default the 2018+ 10R80 10 speed automatics will not shift gear when the gear shifter is in manual mode and will bang off the limiter. For drag racing it is desired to use manual mode to ensure the gearbox does not downshift repeatedly if you need to pedal the car due to traction issues.

However this presents other issues, first gear is very short and it can be hard to shift without either shifting too early, or hitting the rev limiter. 

To enable the car to shift up (but not down) gears when the rev limit is hit, simply enable the following scalar. auF66680 "Switch to allow or disallow engine speed upshifting in SST (Selective Shift)


There are also several other scalars for other modes such as "temporary override SST" which is the mode that occurs when you use the paddle shifters but you do do not have the shifter in the manual position. This is enabled by default in 18+ S550s.



When in SST mode and these scalars are set to 1 the car will shift at the RPM shift point set in auF66981

As you can see with the stock Ford OEM values in base it shifts at 7350 in 1st gear and 7450 in sport. In 6th and upwards this is reduced to 6800 down to 5100 in 9th->10th gear.

If you want to know what shift schedule you are in datalog 

MID77885 Indicates which shift map is currently being used for determining the upshift and downshift points. This may help you diagnose why a car is shifting at a different RPM than expected


Another table to look at is auF67145 which is the acceleration rate eg rpm/s The X Axis is the gear, the Y axis is the RPM. This will stop a gear shift if the engine RPM is accelerating too hard to shift gear. This stops a gear shift from occurring at low engine acceleration rates. This may need to be adjusted in some scenarios where an engine is on the limiter and won't shift (eg when auF66680 is set to 0)



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