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Knock retard

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Hi All. I've just recently joined the pcmtec world, and this is my first time at tuning anything turbo. Anyway I've just started taking a few data logs and I've noticed that my BA XR6T, which is completely stock, with a stock tune and running Shell 98 is pulling as much as 7 degrees at WOT (from low revs, about 3 degrees if going to WOT from say 3000rpm). This surprised me as I assumed running 98 on a factory tune would leave a fair bit of timing in reserve, so I just wanted to check - is this normal or do I need to check out potential mechanical issues before I move on?

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While this may not be your issue, this is a common effect from having a knock sensor unplugged or having broken wiring. If this is the case you will see in the log that the knock retard will go straight to a value and hold it there, the chart for the knock level will have a straight line. Normal knock activity moves around a lot and the chart will reflect that.

This is something to check.

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