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Base tune bf F6

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Hey guys 


I’m new to PCMTec, I have recently finished off the my build and looking for some help with getting the car running good enough to drive it to the tuner. 

my mods are as follows :

* 1000cc xspert injectors 

* 3 bar boost & map sensors 

* walbro 460 pump 

*GFB fuel reg 

* pulsar gtx3584 turbo 

* 4” dump 3.5inch exhaust 

* plazmaman intercooler & piping 


I’ve read the tune from the car, changed the injector setting to suit what was provided, changed the t/map & boost settings as per a previous post I was reading on this forum, the car starts but runs rough, coughs & splatters and will struggle to increase in rpm and large amounts of smoke from the tail pipe. 

could someone give me some pointers to help getting the car running somewhat acceptable to be able to drive it to the tuner. 

will submit my base file and injector data following this post 


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Hey Puff,

I appreciate your reply, excuse my lack of knowledge what programme do I open the attachment in?


I have updated the map & boost setting from a previous post already providing this is correct :


Thanks alot for your help, ive seen your username on a fair few post helping people with their builds, absolute legend! 



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I can see that your 4 bar boost sensor data is incorrect. I'll post a parameter file for it a bit later.

You will need to calculate the data for the 3 bar map sensor. The info on how to do this is on the forum somewhere. I'll have a look for it when I'm back at the computer. 

Is your fuel pressure correct? While the sensor data needs fixing, it'll be worthwhile to check the fuel pressure too.

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I literally just found the same thing. Yep you input all of that into the tune and it'll work but read down the thread a little bit cos there is an error apparently.


On 10/7/2020 at 12:06 PM, Darryl@pcmtec said:

Sam, I just rechecked and 11 kpa is 3.2483 like you said. Pressure differential would be 87.409 => Slope 19.424, back feeding and Offset => 1.607

Good spotting.


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Hey Puff,


Thanks for your help & data! unfortunately it is still not running any better, now refusing to respond to accelerator and still large amounts of black smoke :(

I'm at my wits end with it, cars booked in for a dyno in august I guess ill just have to trailer it there.



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please see attached.


I have just changed the injector data back to the data supplied by the company who supplied the injectors which is when the car seams to run the best (still terrible)


I have attached a log of the last run if that is of any assistance, very rich and wont respond to TPS after 20sec.



25-06-2024 02-47-08 PM Log.teclog

stock read 22-06_CustomOS.tec

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It might have fouled a plug or two from running too rich before. It might clear up when it gets hot enough but you'd be better off pulling them out, checking then cleaning or replacing them as needed. Make sure the gaps are down around 0.7mm too as this will allow you to run more boost than stock.

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Had brand new genuine ford ones gaped to 0.7 but I think some of them are cooked. 

I’ll order some new ones for good measure now I have the fuelling under control. 

Thanks again Puff you are awesome! 

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