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Upcoming release - Custom Tunes Table Axis Redirect, Gear Based Boost control for BA/BF and Increased resolution tables

With PCMTec Custom Tunes a new era in Ford tuning is about to become a reality with the ability to tune your Falcon beyond the OEM level. Custom Tunes will give you third party like abilities to change the axis, increase table resolution and add features not previously available for these cars (like Gear Based Boost Control for the BA/BF). 

Initial testing of PCMTec Custom Tunes will be with Joe Tummarello of HoonTune

Phase I - Testing speed and gear based boost control

PCMTec will allow the tuner to change the axis on a table to a completely different axis. This is very different to editing the current axis as we will be changing the actual source the axis itself. 

In the first round we are testing changing the Y axis of the Turbo Boost and wastegate duty cycle tables to be one of:

  1. RPM vs Vehicle Speed  (Y)
  2. RPM vs Gear (Y)

This will be of great help for the tuner of high powered cars as they will be able to take control of the boost for launch and feed the power in as the speed rises to maintain traction. The second option provides a quick Gear based boost control which will be very handy for street cars as well as for drag racing applications.

Phase II - Changeable Decision points and Redirected Axis

Second phase will allow the tuner to select different tables to use for many important decisions .  This will allow you to change the decision point for Open loop fuel control from being TPS to something like MAP or LOAD. 

We will also add the ability to select the list of axis to change, possibly done like via a drop down or drag and drop method of selection. 

Phase III - Improved Gear Based Boost Control and Increased table resolution

Adding new tables like full Gear Based Boost control to the older PCMs. Again will adjustable axis.

Add the ability to create custom axis to allow increase of the number of breakpoints on the tables.

Additional information.

Initially these features will only be available for WORKSHOP level template which is currently only available with the Workshop version of PCMTec. You will need to purchase an upgrade per calibration (prices still being decided).

For the Professional customers we are considering adding a template upgrade from PROFESSIONAL -> WORKSHOP Level and then allowing this to be used as the basis to access the Custom Tune purchasable add on.

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Cautious optimism as initial testing has the gear based boots control working.

Roland and I will be working on integrating this in the Editor. The changes required for the Operating system and GUI management of this will be a great exercise for us both.

I am also asking if there is interest in gear based torque management as well so you can have different torque settings for each gear. Another popular ask is to change the cam angle axis on the Speed Density tables to LOAD or MAP so you could make it look like a GM VE table of sorts or better still control wild cams better.

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Joe (HoonTune) has finished his testing of the custom tunes and reported back. Great news it is working perfectly:dancing: 

  1. He now has a car with wild cams driving perfectly (MAP being used instead of Cam Angle to clean up fueling)
  2. Custom Gear Based Boost control is being used on car with over 1000RWHP to get hook up in the lower gears on the street tyres and getting full boost/power in the higher gears. Note the factory calibration does not support it gear based boost control (it is a MK II FG turbo 6 and it is not running the XR6 Sprint calibration). 

Pretty happy with the result, now any Falcon can have Gear Based Boost control and much more.

I will be testing a lot more functionality on my car as outlined earlier.

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